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  1. Sun/Moon was fun and a nice change from the normal games, but deffo took me longest to finish. In terms of wanting to pick up and play. Better finally get on that post-game content I suppose.


    My team feels super flimsy but....ceebs.


    Toucannon, Ribombee, Tsareena, Crabominable, Golisopod and Palosand. All hovering around late 50's, early 60's. Got trashed by that woman who asks to battle when you go to the motel.

  2. If it were me, I'd question why he was your ex and why you broke up. Then question if anything was different now. If nothings changed, then surely it will end, just like it did before?


    Unless it's casual, then I'd just ask myself "is he ripped?"


    That's the "Where do i/we stand?" bit comes in. We broke up because I moved to Hong Kong, we were open/long-distance/chill (did stuff with other people, but loved each other). When I visited back in the summer of 2016 he admitted it was too hard for him to do this when I couldn't tell him when I'd be back. Amicable, and I understood.

    Now...I'm back. We hung out once and was lovely. Just... dunno. I still care.

  3. Good heavens. I haven't even cracked much of Termina yet (due to it being really fucking hard). Almost done with normal Adventure (and by that I mean I've almost uncovered all the squares...not that I have all weapons and hearts!). Challenge Mode was definitely lacking and I tried it twice and lost - never to return. I didn't really get it.

  4. Finally got Great Fairy! What a bizarre weapon! Fun though, and though she feels really slow, it's just cause she's so huge. I think I KO'd like 50 grunts with one normal attack (on an easy level to practice).


    I love how much variety there is in the weapons - would have been nice is everyone got at least 2 weapons - Link having so many is a big strange (compared to the rest). Sheik could have a needle/whip thing if only a reference to Smash Bros. Ruto and Darunia could also surely have something as well.


    Anyone else finding the Termina map quite hard? I've yet to get an A in any squares (not been trying too hard I'll admit) and to have progress taken away after a while...


    It's gonna lead to a new level of grinding.

  5. I did find that the true partners reward map (get all main legend mode skulltulas) is good for exp + rupees. I'm gonna have to use the apothecary though (I never have!). Sick of everyone being just slightly underlevelled. Link and Zelda are still my highest at 68.

  6. Because I'm going to be trading in my current 3DSxl, I need to sort the data situation out now too. Could someone recommend the right type of sd card and sd card adapter? Or will any old pair do? They look cheap on Amazon.


    I also don't even know how to transfer the data were I to get to that point!


    Still think ill have to go with the new XL - purely for screen size. My eyesight isn't great so anything that helps with that I kinda have to go with. I remember being so used to my screen then seeing Chairdriver's 2DS and wanting to die.


    I want the faceplates thoughhhhh

  7. It can be frustrating but I enjoy the challenge, thus far. It is pissing me off how many times I've done 8-2 on adventure mode (wins a new baton for zelda, need an A to open next square to Great Fairy) - keep taking just a little too much damage. My Zelda is level 62 (highest alongside Link) but the only weapon I have of 420 strength for her is Dominon Rod which tends to leave her rather open. It's damn Wizzro... Still haven't mastered avoiding his attacks!

  8. Gah, Lucina is already gone from Nintendo UK? I want her.


    Thanks for the Argos heads up - I placed my Rosalina order at like 5am this morning and it seems to have worked though the email mentions contacting me to arrange delivery? Seems a little ominous ... But I've never ordered from them before.


    My Sheik arrived! Who I'll be using. Thing is I only wanted her and Rosalina from this wave (to open and use) but if Rosalina remains so daughter after she will remain encased.









    Zelda (unboxed)


    Wii fit trainer




    Just thought I'd post that cause I like lists.

  9. guess I'll just trawl the local stores come Friday. Froday is release day right?


    I bought a Fox today in town purely because I heard it was mildly sought after. Have I become a *gulp* TOY COLLECTOR

  10. So much content...


    I'm barely touching master/twilight map and am focusing on clearing normal Adventure Mode but seeing as my warriors are all between 26 (Darunia/wizzro who I never use) and 54 (link and Zelda) it's pretty hard. Still can't get an A in Zeldas mission needed to unlock the square in which you acquire the first Great Fairy! Keep taking silly damage accidentally...


    Just tried Agitha's mission for the Princess Parasol where you can't move for Dinolfos.. What the frack? She's so tricky to use (I really like her actually!) but to not take serious damage is asking a bit much. I appreciate I'm under levelled though.


    How did everyone else reach these high levels? Just grinding away on higher intensity legend modes etc?

  11. I too am somewhat caught in the hype and will probably trade in my XL (only a year old) for a new system... But which one? The faceplates have tempted me despite knowing they're effectively useless... And I'm so used my nice big screen. Is the new 3DS screen same size as current 2DS? Couldn't bear to go back to that. Im quite short sighted so like having as much screen as I can.


    Maybe I'm answering my own dilemma.

  12. Ooh! Was a bit "..." At first Re: the same characters being done again but I kinda like it. It means they'll be more readily available and suggests more series will be done. RIP Pokemon collectors when THAT series happens.


    On that note, give me Jigglypuff goddamnit.

  13. Without telling me which characters are unlocked, would anyone be so kind as to tell me what I must to do unlock them?


    1) clear 100 man smash

    2) beat classic with 5 characters

    3) beat classic on 5.5 difficulty or higher (if you die the difficulty is lowered by .5 so bear that in mind)

    4) KO one enemy in cruel smash


    Those are the ones I've unlocked so far.