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  1. I don't visit like I used to...for a number of 'reasons' I guess...I found the online communities I frequented to be much more related to current interests I guess. During and now after Uni I found myself to be a lot busier but also I think I found myself invested in "IRL" relationships a lot more - the main one of which being my relationship with my boyfriend. Been together just over 2 years now.


    However this is the only forum I've ever met anyone off - Hamish is a good friend (we were even going to live together at one point </3 ) and I've hung out with Ashley all too briefly.


    I secretly/not so secretly want to hang out with Ashley and Daft but I fear my beard game is not strong enough.

  2. I just got on the Batman train with ZY and am catching up now, it's great. Wonder Woman is still amazing. I am giving Superman/Wonder Woman a go, but I actually forgot I read the second issue. On the day I read it. Bad sign.


    I'm gonna give Harley Quinn a few issues too. Hmm.


    Marvel >>>> DC so hard. SO clearly. Right now anyway.



    I blasted pretty much only this album since it's been available. However, in letting it rest, I think Prism by Katy Perry is my favourite of the Q4 pop girl onslaught we're having this year. ARTPOP is very Gaga which is very good but it's also very silly.

  4. Though I read a few DC series, NOTHING about the universe/company/plans excite me. It's so stale. So so stale. Don't know what it is, but it all feels so bland post-New 52.


    Marvel is where I'm getting all my life these days. Progressive and seems to *care* about the quality of what they're putting out (more than DC anyway, who clearly doesn't proofread their comics...or at least has shitty editors).

  5. I really enjoyed it. Loved the change in tone. I read a good column about how the Marvel Studios films are changing the expectations of the 'superhero sequel', which we used to know the formula for. (More characters, more villains, higher stakes etc)


    I wasn't that bothered about the first but found it satisfying, but this was great fun. Loki/Thor have come across so much better in the Marvel films than I ever would have imagined.


    Natalie Portman is so dull.

  6. I buy all my single issue comics digitally on the Comixology app, and they always have sales/promotions on, like Marvel Monday (where a select series/characters/anything will be discounted) and currently DC have the New 52 vol.1 trades for all the Batman titles (and Justice League) at £2.49! Bargain. I already own Batgirl but meant to read Batman - Court of Owls and Catwoman - The Game too so picked them up.

    Worth a look comic fans. ALSO Alan Moore sale. Every issue of V for Vendetta for 69p each.

  7. I have just discovered the big job hunt. But I'm..like..not even in it. I can't even be in it.


    I got a bloody FIRST in my degree, except I don't want to do a job relating to my degree (Filmmaking). But I don't have any experience in what I want to do right now (Social Work Assistant, which like, so many people do, people I know I'd be *better* than), which is only to be experience to eventually use in order to get onto an Art Therapy masters.


    Combine that with me being completely out of practice/the zone RE: my art, I'm really...at a loss. Just graduated, moved back home while my entire LIFE was down south. My big group of gay friends all down south, have like 2-3 gay friends in EDin but they're all away..most of my friends are away...


    URGH. I hate this.


    I had my part-time job to distract me all summer as I was doing 20+ hours at least and getting money but then it closed down and I got a transfer but now do MAX 9 hours a week! Nothing. I volunteer with an LGBT charity (what I want to be spending all my time doing really...) but that's really sporadic.


    I HATE THIS FEELING. My main friends/life/boyfriend is down in London. I don't know..how to do anything? Like how to get what I want. I'm not exactly asking for the moon. I don't want to do film, I just want to help people/get a Social Work assistant job as I am actually interested in that, it counts as the hours of experience I need AND I'd get paid. OH BUT I NEED RELEVANT SOCIAL WORK EXPERIENCE BEFOREHAND.


    I hate this.


    [/after like 3-4 months being a graduate]

  8. I got into Thorpe Park free when I went cause my friend works for Merlin.


    The theming of Swarm was the best/outshone everything else except the SAW theming, but only cause the SAW theming > the SAW ride. Like, what was that? Why was it even Saw?? Fun though. MEH.




    EDIT: go on then here's some recent pics of me and a good friend of mine, aka Juste Desserts & Bebé Bleu




  9. Ok I jumped onto Batman with Zero Year and the last issue, the oversized more expensive one, was BRILLIANT. I mean, it's a re-imagining of the *the most famous* origin in comics, yet it was gripping. Maybe the higher page count helped with that feeling. Excellent.


    I spent the last few days reading all of New 52 Teen Titans. No idea why, I know it's shit (it kinda is) but I'm a glutton for comic-based punishment sometimes. I love how they just can't find Skitter (pointless new character) as they leave one mission so they just leave...and haven't mentioned her since! LOLZ. Why is everyone Red? The team look SO EVIL. I like Bunker so far, in terms of being an LGBT character. Only one or two dubious lines, but otherwise happy with his representation.

    Crap writing/dialogue though.


    A case of the New 52 reboot being handled badly - instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, they should have just tried to consolidate what was so loved about TT in the past and make a definitive new title with beloved characters. OH WELL ANOTHER DC FAIL.


    Just started Batman/Superman late cause I'm buying it when it drops in price on Comixology. JAE LEE <3 Which I already knew.


    OH YES. Finally caught up to Wonder Woman as my vol.3 trade arrived then caught up via Comixology. That was so so brilliant. Absolutely love it. Get a real...Game of Thrones feel, it terms of family warring over a title/stunned/stunning/the payoff was so worth it. I think it all reads much better as a whole than seperately. AMAZE.


    Superman/Wonder Woman was fine. Enjoyable. *shrug* I just don't care about the relationship cause it's not a thing in Wondy's comic. LOoooooool how long before DiDio forces Azzarello to feature supes in Wonder Woman?


    Liking Battle of the Atom over in X-Verse, but not sure what the outcome of it is going to be? As mentioned above I like the sound of what the O5 are going to be facing soon. BotA doesn't suggest huge ramifications.




    MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN has breathtaking art.

  10. I thought it was pretty blah and the dialogue was very...standard/mediocre. The jokes never landed and everyone seemed to be a slight cliche? Not massively, and that'll probably go away after a few eps, but not INSPIRING, no.


    Probably didn't help that watching this on TV punctuated my Game of Thrones marathon. Comparisons...

  11. I'm tempted to try a few of the trades of some New 52 stuff I never got on the bandwagon with. Well..I was on no New52 bandwagon except Wonder Woman (way behind) and Earth 2 (current).


    Feel like I should keep reading Batwoman (read Hydrology) but everyone says it's so boring and thingie is leaving. Eh maybe I will anyway. And Batgirl I know is quite popular but then has a lot of naysayers too...hmm!


    I just started reading Suicide Squad again with Ales Kot's short-lived run and found that mildly interesting.


    I finally read Justice League Origin (the first arc) and thought it was shit. Like really, really bland. So dull. What a pointless re-imagining. I've read Throne of Atlantis too a few months back, that was ok.


    Most of the DC's stuff now is just so meeeeeeeh and dark and faux serious and dull. Marvel is giving me a lot more life atm.

  12. Did I post anything? I kept seeing you on Facebook and assuming I did? Then I DON"T THINK I DID?!


    Congratulations ReZ and Claire! As long as I've *known* you, a while before I was ever a member on N-E, you and Claire have been an item, so it's lovely to see you guys getting engaged! Hope you both continue to have as much fun as you seem to know for a loooooong time to come. I've gone really soppy since being in a relationship myself so know whenever people I like get married I get all gooey.


    <3 <3 <3 Paj! <3 <3 <3

  13. I really don't think much good would come of X-Men being in Avengers films. Wolverine as an Avengers is such a pointless marketing tool and always was. He has *no* business being there. Until VERY recently, when the 'Avengers Unity Squad' was formed specifically to include mutants (It's Cap, Thor, Wolverine, Sunfire, Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Rogue and Wasp), it never made much sense.


    The only reason them existing in the same universe would be cool would be in terms of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch being the same actors/characters, as they have their places in both franchises.

  14. I just found out Clayface is rare! Not going for as much on eBay as Dial E but iiiiinteresting! I kinda want to sell it on but I'd only be making like 5-8 quid more. Meh. Maybe. I might WAIT. I need to look into preordering, if I still can... how did I miss the memo that these covers were gonna be rare? Argh.


    Oh shitting blood. LOADS have already sold-out. Cringing. Let me compile a list of the ones I might want. I don't know why the 3-D covers have me so hooked. I feel like a SAP. So wrong yet so right.


    I think I just want Joker's Daughter and First Born but I'm not caught up with Wondy yet. I will be once I buy the Vol.3 trade (waiting to see if I get amazon credit for my birthday) and then get the rest digitally. JD is already sold out in 3-D...I shouldn't really buy it anyway since Ann Nocenti is terrible but still...and FB is sold out too. Guess I'll just chance it when I get to Forbidden Planet on next new comics day. My three main wants were Harley, Ivy and Cheetah anyway, this rare Clayface is a bonus though.

  15. *Manta? I may have seen one in Forbidden Planet can't remember.


    I also wanted Killer Frost 3-D but didn't see that one. Do we know which ones are rarer than others? @%1; P.S How do I do Mentions on here? Can't seem to work it???


    Cheetah was ok. I like the boost in power she has in New 52, but her new origin was *shrug*. I guess kinda more...formative than her old one but need more exploration. I like that she's being used. Funnily enough not in Wonder Woman though. :p


    Clayface was ok. (OK being the general theme of Villain's month issues) I assume it'll lead into future Detective Comics arc/s but I bet this won't be at all relevant to those stories.

  16. DC has me hooked with the silly 3-D covers and has me buying floppies, despite most of the Villain's Month issues being meh so far. Got Harley and Ivy (BOOBtastic but I love the Ivy cover) and then today bought Cheetah and Clayface. I read Riddler digitally as everyone said it was actually good (but I don't love him or need the 3-D cover in my hands).


    QUESTION/HELP NEEDED: I want the 3-D version of Justice League 23.1 - Dial E. They had only standard in Forbidden Planet and I see that on eBay it's ridiculously priced? Like around 20 quid. HUH. Can someone help me find somewhere to buy it for a normal price? Is it rare???

    This one. In 3-D.







    X-Men: Battle of the Atom (Various Titles, Crossover)

    I don't normally pick up W&TXM but had to for this crossover. I read Uncanny and adjectiveless normally though. This is an interesting story, but slow going in typical Bendis style. Clearly there must be more to it than it seems. Stuff is finally coming to a head by the end of today's issue of Uncanny. And I have to say I actually *like* the issue at hand/Bendis is characterising the players on each side well. Even I'm unsure what I'd do!


    Villain's month so farrrrrr

    Poison Ivy

    *shrug* Love the cover and the art was fine but generic (except the lovely stylised flashbacks). Odd pacing, and a comic art crime - I couldn't tell what happened in one important panel. HMM. *shrug* She kinda just wanders around.


    Harley Quinn

    Fun/a good read with great art but a very controversial ending that I don't really like. Villain's month, among month, is being dubbed the DC Dead Kids Count. Hmmmmmmmm. Worth a read though. I'm intrigued by her ongoing that's on the way.



    Not reading Zero Year which this apparently has relevance to but it was fine. Again gory and I'm kinda over it...DC - note - gore/ultra violence isn't interesting. It's nitpicking here but it was shocking. Probs the point. Otherwise mildly interesting characterisation of Nygma.


    Gonna read Clayface and Cheetah later xooxoxox

  17. Is this good? I like that the entire marketing scheme is just 'topless ripped men'. You couldn't read a DC comic this year without seeing full-page spreads of Stephen Ammel (?) topless.




    And now I see the second season promo is topless themed again, only with MORE men. Mm.