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  1. Paj!

    Yeah, but it's a really bad castle. Like..uninteresting and not all royally wonderful like you'd want.


    Even so I'm gonna sell it for MILLIONS WHEN ALL MY FAMILY FINALLY DIE! *lightning/laughter*




    touch wood

  2. Paj!

    Rich bitch, flashing the cash and always name-dropping.

  3. Paj!

    Ok. It's lovely-shiny. Though I hate black. When you could have white.

  4. Paj!

    I just saw a black laptop and ignored your post completely. I'm so sorry. I'll look now.

  5. Ha! Looking at it from afar, it does looks strangely like she has a phantom arm having a grope.

  6. Paj!

    Wasn't allowed in the end. My parent/s care TOO much. Which I something I can hardly complain about. I'm not "outdoorsy enough" and "would hate it". Despite me deciding I wanted to do it...


    But in the end, it's my parents who would be paying for it, so I couldn't do anything. I'm meeting up with the group in Berlin and Amsterdam in a week or so though. Not the same thing though. *sigh*

  7. Paj!

    Have you finished BSG yet?


    I'm still reeling after finishing it. My favourite thing ever. Even more than those ham crisps from M&S.

  8. Both? I've never seen 24, so I'm not criticising that, but the use of both of them just makes me NOT want to ever watch anything they've ever been in (asaik Norris is a shit movie actor anyway, just being in kung-fu movies of the 70's).

  9. Why? They're SO SHIT. It's unbelievable. There is nothing funny about them. Plus I hate his name.

  10. I was about to report you for harassing me with SHIT JOKES. ;)

  11. ooh, that might be cool. Bearing in mind I'm not a particularly "comic"-y drawer...strangely, since that what I drew for years. But I probably could If I tried hard enough.


    I'll play with a few ideas. :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  12. Oh thanks, I bought season 1 already, but if the others are too expensive, I could buy that then ebay season 1. :)

  13. I've never hidden my love of Avril's first 2 albums. Her third tells me jokes every so often. lasyt month I listened to it, tried to this month hated it. It depends. But the Veronicas can burn in the flames they were born from. Yes, they're devil spawn.

  14. Slag.


    How's Cast coming along?


    [/should be saying this on MSN]

  15. Oh no! Black & Pink...avril lavigne...veronicas....! *nightmare*

  16. Your profile reminds me of less fun.

  17. Paj!

    You type in comic sans because I randomly chose all the settings. Thankfully it looks good in the end.


    I need a good Tori avatar. That doesn't remind me of the dreaded "faeriewingers" (fan lingo for a fan that is obsessed with Tori Amos and her connection to myths and faires, which...doesn't exist). [/trivia]