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  1. It's easy to play through and rush as I except most reviewers did , it's hard to find all the collectable items and that's what true fans will enjoy . I think it has some charming ideas and the controls feel fine to me . A solid 7/10 in my opinion .


    I would rate the snes one 10/10


    The ds sequel 8/10


    Yoshi story n64 8/10


    Yoshi topsi turvy 5/10

  2. loving the old school blue shell, hopefully it will destroy all that's get in its way before getting 1st place :)



    its going to be a pain getting all of those keyrings



    GOLD only from rip off retailers

    In the UK & Ireland the Golden Dash Mushroom will be available for those who pre-order at Littlewoods and Very,





    ***The Bullet Bill Keyring is a pre-order item for Grainger Games, Game Centre, 365 Games (online only), Game Seek (online only), Base.com (online only), Playtime, The Games Exchange, That Game Shop, Gamescene, Xpress Games

  3. I think that the judges were looking for any excuse possible to d\c her,

    It's absolute bull,


    Also maybe I'm reading too much into it but the South Korean in 4th place went through ?


    And Ellie took out a South Korean racer in another race , causing her to get death threats on twitter ect, maybe the officials were trying to even things out?


    she should have been advanced.

  4. Did anyone with a modded wii ever try the custom mario kart tracks ? Apart from the crazy ones people had made there were some great remakes of the classic tracks , Check out baby park




    I really hope mario kart 8 has Dlc at the very least , I doubt very much there will be any custom options this time round