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  1. Sorry I've asked before , but does anyone have a spare limited edition one order I could buy ? My order accidentally got cancelled and it's now out of stock . I have a bayonetta first print I would be willing to swap also , thanks

  2. I even changed my settings in firestorm to public and i still cant find anyone .


    My tower plazer is empty , on the beta it was full of people .


    Not met a single person online , this game really sucks without the online element

  3. Im up to lv7 , and I have not seen a single random person online . On the beta the tower was beaming with life and I met random people in the missions. And it's completely empty now ? Am I missing something ?

  4. I have 1 first print ordered but I think im going to go for the cheaper special edition, if anyone has a pre order for hyrule warriors limited edition I would do a trade plus the difference in cost £10

  5. Can anyone please help me , I have accidently cancelled my pre order for Hyrule warriors limited edition £49.99


    and now they are sold out and I have tried emailing but they wont re open my order.



    Does anyone have a spare pre order going I can have please? I am happy to pay up front + shipping charge?


    thank you

  6. I'm getting a little worried these are fake ? With all the hacking going on it's possible someone could have hacked the uk store with a listing and a mock up pic ? Or am

    I worrying too much ?