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  1. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    dazzy ill give you 50.000 for your stocking ??
  2. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    where u selling them m8 lol? how does one unlock tom nooks 2nd shop, ive spent loads and have obtained the bronse rank in the store and i have paid off the 1st load to geta bigger house ect?
  3. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    if i set the clock back to this mornign will it affect the game in anyway? and then set it back to the right time after? or could someone spare me a turnip, if you can grow them
  4. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    sunday where?, i dident see her when i was playing i dident go to the city tho, dam could someone sell me a turnip ? can you plant and grow them ?
  5. N-E Secret Santa - Virtual Console edition!

    im a maby too, what price we talking 500? ish
  6. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    hi all, was cool visiting your towns last night , specially liked hyrule does anyone have a spare stocking ive somehow misplaced mine and i traded the other im building an xmas grotto in my house so need 1 for decorations lol, i sldo hsvr s big xmas tree for trade which cost over 2000, where do you get turnips from? and when you do can you plant and grow more ? see you all on later ??
  7. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    i met a gggg ggggg ghost :S lol add me guys and lmk if you have aim always up for meeting
  8. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    received mine with wii speak yesterday from game . living it i playe dthe cube and ds version loads too, this has enough new features to keep me happy . add me guys FC: 0431-2020-6373 Town Fruit: Pears msn [email protected] so we can chat and arrange a time .
  9. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    how did you get those costumes i got mine today loving it,alsotho i got to the shop channel try to download the wii speak channel but i cant find it anywhere, and ive followed the instructions that came with it, i have a code but nowhere to put it? also why are there no vlub nintendo star points with wii speak cool cloths (( but you should heve at least warned us about those pictures being spoilertastic :(
  10. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    Could i pleaser have the email address m8? i got a urgent problem ive made a new account, and registerd over 9000 points and i have enuff for the statue, i put in the details 100% correct and securty code, i clikc next but the same page keeps loading i can no longer get to steps 2 3 ect ? is the site down or somthing? i really dont want to miss out on this as ive been saving my points for years for somthing special like this.
  11. Facebreaker K.O Party

    got it for just £14.99 on play.com gonan give it a try later
  12. Wii Music!

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wgG_PkDkPc8 my 1st song mix ace fun to make and play about with, so who wants to doa wii music comp ????
  13. Wii Music!

    we should hold a comp onwii music, we have to make our own mix of a certain song, we would have to send them to a judge to put on you tube or somthing? then put to vote? come on ths would be ace fun
  14. Call of Duty: World At War

    Thats filthy Matthehat, the fact that you own or searched for such a picture worries me remove it , kids veiw these forums for goodness sake
  15. Wii Music!

    yes you can just waggle, i was talking about getting the right tone on the i nstruments, sur eyou can play it randomly, but to get the music to sound perfect, its allot fo fun experimenting with diffrent sounds with diffrent songs, what is tricky tho in the wii balance board drums,
  16. Call of Duty: World At War

    looks ace, dammit ill have to get this on wii and 360 now also ds
  17. Wii Music!

    ive had wii music for over a week, usa one its allot of fun, but i would not call it a proper game, i guess we all knew that anyway, its actually pritty tricky getting the right sounds to go with the songs, but you can always make your own style and record it to a cd ,, i think you can possibly send these to freinds via wifi too, apart from the instruments there is a conductor mode, a bell game which is very similar to donkey konga, and other stuff i havent given a try quite yet, so far its good fun
  18. SimCity Creator

    ign score isnt bad, look for a few more reviews, at the end of the day tho if its fun to play and u think so , should it matter., ill have a mini review tomorrow
  19. Zelda WW vs Zelda TP vs OoT

    zelda oot 100% zelda ww 98% zelda tp 98% id rate them
  20. SimCity Creator

    i may have go on this later , my freind has a us copy and ill try and give a few impressions later
  21. Nintendo Collectables!

    http://www.play.com/Gadgets/Gadgets/-/835/1051/-/6080028/The-Legend-Of-Zelda-Twilight-Princess-Master-Sword-Replica/Product.html?searchtype=genre# check this , wish i had more monies lol
  22. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    yeh come on nintendo , more gold zelda statues please enough for everyone btw i love the title of this thread, says it all