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  1. Forum User Photos

    Dang it! If I get compared to another person this week I think I just have one of "those" faces. I remember being compared to someone else on N-E but can't remember who!
  2. General Movie Thread

    Rewatched this absolute treasure of a film recently i watched it in italian though (La Pentola Magica!!), it´s just as good as i remembered. there´s such a charm to the entire film, it´s unbearable. lluuuve the animation too :3 -- ALSO watched Tarzan and Dinosaur recently. I love how nearly all the dinosaur´s have such black voices
  3. Weird shit people do

    - i always touch my nose when i´m thinking - when i am with one of my closest friends we more often than not speak in several languages at once which many people find odd that´s all i can think of but i wanted to contribute
  4. bad stuff thread.

    Yes, met with him today and all was explained well. Poor guy, his hours are so intense. but i agree, Eddie, him and his friends sure know how to party
  5. good stuff thread.

    met up with mein mann today and all was good. haven´t seen him in 2+ months and was unsure of where we were going but it seems to be stable again. he´s working in a hospital for 13 hrs a day which takes its toll but otherwise i´m happy, he also bought me my first kpop album from when he went to korea this summer O.O WONDERBAR
  6. bad stuff thread.

    While I had a pretty good day, there is such little annoyances in my mind. - Can not seem to find ANY sort of accommodation for college even though it starts this monday and I have been searching since, at least, April ;______; So I am a traveling gypsy sponging off my friends for a while until I find somewhere.. -I was supposed to meet up with the guy I´ve been sorta seeing for the past few months today. He cancelled because he was with his friends, he did this last week too. I dunno, I haven´t seen him in 2 months so I thought he´d be pretty excited to meet up but he sounds hesitant. bleurgh, it could be all in my head though. he´s studying medicine etc. so he´s always busy (/moan) I have some wine to share with my friends anyway to forget about this for a night. class, eh?
  7. good stuff thread.

    Weird day - Got to eat delicious Korean food and then practice my Korean on some of the staff at the restaurant I was at. It was amazing ;____, they are all so pretty !! Got my haircut too (by a hot Asian ) which has just turned out to be my favourite haircut ever. Lurrve it. Also bought this amazing bubble tea in the city which was amazing. I noticed the staff were playing k-pop as well, I asked them about it and I actually had this really amazing time with them. I came back a few hours later, had an even deeper conversation. I squealed when he played one of my favourite bands and then 3 Asian girls exclaimed, "Oh my god! You like Big Bang and 2NE1?! You like K-Pop!?" I ended up spending 2 hours in this tiny shop. The guy even closed the shutter and we all had a jolly time. 6 new cute Asian friends ^__^ I also had a short but lovely random encouter with @heroicjanitor ! : D
  8. good stuff thread.

    Oh my god...Korean? why is this suddenly becoming my favourite program.. i'm not too sure who she is so i couldn't tell you for certain. maybe she wasn't in the episodes i watched - i've no doubt if i heard Korean i would have peed in excitement
  9. Adventure Time

    Wait...this is a legit thing with an actual following ?! why am I only informing myself now ?! I presumed when I watched it with my friend it was just a kids show, do many non-kids watch it? this is the best news, i think I know how to preoccupy myself for the next month
  10. good stuff thread.

    thank you @Ashley for your sig and little side picture. i watched that cartoon in italian and had no idea what the name was. i'm so glad ! :3 i think I wet my bed from laughing after watching 5 minutes of it
  11. Forum User Photos

    oh wow, my friend will get such a laugh out of this. As much as I'd like to say I went around in drag in Venice, it's not me - it's a legit girl. Interesting way to see things, made me laugh :3
  12. Forum User Photos

    my trip around italy was so rad. i was able to finally meet up with old friends again which was amazing. italians are too good at hosting people, it felt like being royalty. Literally fell in love with the place. I've never experienced such an atmosphere anywhere & i want to speak italian all day..
  13. good stuff thread.

    About to leave on a trip to Italy in a few minutes! I haven't slept at all, I'm knackered. See you all in 15 days! Looking forward to flying away, not looking forward to icky heat & becoming tanned
  14. What is love?

    In my mind, Love is when all questions stop asking themselves. It can be both conditional or unconditional. It is an uncontrollable mass of goo.
  15. General Movie Thread

    Both movies are great in certain ways. Definitely watch them! Fincher handles both appropriately.
  16. Hope you manage to keep up this regular posting, Jay. Always great to hear from you, I'm so happy Oz is treating you well and you're learning in life
  17. Street Slang

    I think I'm out of the loop these days on slang, I haven't really heard any of the ones mentioned in the thread save 1 or 2. I'm not an avid supporter of it but language is always evolving and no-one can really stop that. It's bound to happen, like a perpetual cycle. If it didn't, who knows the type of language we'd be using today. I love 'lol'. It has this aura around it which is really great, it's taken on such a diverse meaning than what was intended, I feel.
  18. I'm not one that cares for making knee-jerk reactions & shouting "conspiracy" anytime something suspicious appears but these events are extremely suspicious. Right before the incident happened, the audience were shown a trailer of the movie "Gangster Squad" which ends with a big shooting in a movie theater. In the trailer, the gangsters approach the front of the theater & shoot randomly at the audience. Weird that the audience saw this on screen before it actually happened, fiction turned into reality. The following picture was released in 1986 which features a crazed man with red hair killing 3 people in a movie theater before explaining that it was inspired by Batman. This music video by Lil' Wayne was also released just a few days before the actual shooting. In this, you can see 12 skeletons in a movie theater. Of course this proves nothing but it is interesting coincidence. All information is just what I've found out, I guess I'm not actually 100% certain it's all true but it freaks me out a little.
  19. Secret governmental plans / The Illuminati. Clearly.
  20. A Real Jurassic Park

    Of course this comes up the day after I buy the boxset of all 3 movies..
  21. Is it quiet in here? Or is it just me?

    Whoopsy oops I've notoriously lost the ability to speak / write English these days so I'm good. It's tragic / la verité.
  22. Mijn Nederlands is heel slecht...

    I study languages (French, German, Italian) at university and it's such an amazing thing. It's odd, you find yourself on the edge of becoming another person when you do not speak your native tongue. Like, I use different mannerisms & feel different when speaking different languages [\schizophrenic] I have also studied Irish for 12+ years & am currently studying Korean with a friend. If you're serious about it -- watch TV programmes, read books, listen to songs of the culture you're emerssing yourself into as much as you can! I'm doing this with Korean & see much greater results. It's like how you learn as a baby & feels beautifully natural. [ingrid Bergman is my perpetual inspiration]
  23. Is it quiet in here? Or is it just me?

    Kinda relieved that I'm not the only one who noticed. This is good, it was sorta an elephant-in-the-room topic no one was discussing -- this might help. I definitely don't post like I did for whatever reason, I'm unsure why. The biggest clause I would predict is social networking. Many members here are connected on sites like Twitter & Facebook etc. In a sense, N-E has sort of grown bigger than the website itself. I frequently see members interacting across different sites, which is pretty nice (: activity here slows down as a result but "it"'s still there. The pulse remains beating, just less conspicuously.
  24. From my experience, a 7 year gap isn't going to cause major issues. It really depends on the two people -- how mature are you and how mature is she? Age feels like something that should be treated as more fictitious (granted they're over the legal limit, of course!) and you should look at how she is as a person.
  25. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    I'm shocked! You're the last person I'd expect to use something like Instagram.. What's happening here?