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  1. Halloween

    I really want to dress up next week but is one week & a severe lack of money maneagable to create a costume? I wanna be something Pokemon themed ... Like, jigglypuff or Ash Ketchum. Or, my friend wants to style me in a suit with this schmexy haircut & ill add some zombie make-up .. I need to do this D:
  2. Looper

    It looks so good, I'm so sad I wasn't able to make it with ye! D: we must see each other now that you're back in dublin though^^
  3. General Movie Thread

    I just finished watching, "Old Boy". It's one of the most well-known and greatest..wait for it..korean films. Shock! It's quite easy to find online so I would genuinely suggest watching this film if ever looking for a film to watch. It's slightly quirky, intensely disturbing and really thought-provoking. The way that the film is shot is also incredibly beautiful, I really enjoyed how the directer played with the camera. Just clever and interesting ways of shooting, just because he can. I liked the villain too, he was pretty rad.
  4. Adventure Time

    After having effectively lived in an autumn-hibernation-pad (AHP) for a week, this became one of the regular things my friends and i would gather around to watch. We got silly & drank Prosecco wine when watching. So many hilarious moments in each episode. I love the Ice King...and the balloons. If only I were a kid again to grow up with this. I still think it's a funnier show in Italian but I was probably just high on life or something. I can't wait to watch more. It makes me happy :3
  5. I know that in my school a significantly older teacher (like 50s or 60s) had this secret / not-so-secret affair with a 15year old girl pupil. It was basically the elephant in the room which no-one would discuss. Even though the entire affair was mutual, the teacher was fired & put in jail. They seemed to be madly in love though. Everyone classed him as a paedophile...creep...blah blah. I just think it's unfair. Sex is a part of nature and we are sexual creatures. Sensitivity is needed for those who are just finding their sexuality but I don't see anything wrong having sex if they're "ready". Whatever that is
  6. Forum User Photos

    i'm not sure why i never thought of putting this on here before eddie & i eating amazing(ly cheap) but very hot korean food before hitting out on the town. I think we had just finished talking about strange dreams, stranger floating CDs, and gossiping about N-Eers (naturally) photo credit goes to @heroicjanitor who i never ended up getting a photo of :3
  7. Long-Distance Relationships

    From my eyes, I see long-distance relationships through a sort of 'la vie en rose'. I romanticise them because, in a sense, it is incredibly romantic. 2 lovers torn by distance who plan to eventually go against what they are expected to do (be with someone local) and, if it works out, live together. I've had some experience of this type of relationship. The guy I'm seeing at the moment is from Singapore so we were together for a short period of time before he left to Singapore for a few months. Again, to reiterate, with modern communication it's ridiculously easy to keep in touch. In fact, we probably kept more in touch in each others absence. Every day we messaged / sent pictures / skyped. We got to know each other, probably, better through this method of communication. More often than not this separation should intensify the feelings of both partners. PLUS!! Most importantly -- sex after not seeing each other for a long time is simply the greatest
  8. When i actually get some free time to just listen to music, this has been really comforting for me these days. The way she sings it perfectly, damn. It's with a tinge of sadness but without overflowing whimsicalness. These lyrics particularly grab me - (it suits me right now, almost too well) - Hunger hurts, and I want him so bad, oh, it kills. But I know I'm a mess he don't wanna clean up. I don't feel justified, come on put a little love here in my void. He said it's all in your head and I said so's everything but he didn't get it. Hunger hurts, but starving, it works.
  9. Quick, you should be in the gym! Not becoming fat like us in movie theatres!
  10. General Movie Thread

    I've been forgetting to post about Brave for quite a while. I watched this (in the new cinema on my fucking campus...oh yes) and was really surprised. I refused to watch any proper trailers / spoilers so I presumed this would be this grand and lonely adventure full of self-discovery & adrenaline-pumped action scenes. It was funny how it revolved around such a restricted & small theme (trying to restore her mom back to her original body). It really felt like we should have received the big adventure story that was in my head & this movie would have been "Brave 2" or something. Then again, the team behind this movie are the new recruits so -- good job for their first movie. CELTIC / GAELIC THEME -- YESSSSSS. THE MUSIC...*groan* perfection. MOAR MOAR!
  11. good stuff thread.

    I was living in the centre of dublin the previous 2 weeks and have now moved into my permanent home for the rest of the school year! Gaaahh, love it a lot. It's not as handy as living literally on one of the biggest streets in Ireland but I now have my own room & am overlooking a big green square / park, pleasent. My housemates are the sweetest things too.
  12. yes! It really was a case of the bad outweighing the good. The first half hour or so was really cringe for me but afterwards I tried to indulge in how awful it knew it was. It kinda worked. Having Leon & Ada Wong (the only 2 characters I know) helped. Blarrrrgh.. I just can't think of how to summarise this film! I'm sure the crazy slushy & sweets helped keep our sugar / attentive levels up!
  13. good stuff thread.

    The fair city of Dublin is just so beautiful tonight. Being Arthur's day, everyone is celebrating in a jolly way. Guys are pissing in corners everywhere I look, girls are puking all over the streets & drunken brawls are breaking out here and there and everywhere. Damn, it's so damn packed tonight. GRÁ ... <3 I'm also tearing up embarrassingly in front of housemates because of this one song by an artist called Tablo. It's so damn sad, I can't go on D:
  14. bad stuff thread.

    My left ear is blocked, my nostrils are running, my tonsils are completely swollen & I've a boo-boo on my foot which hurts when I walk. Woe is me, woe is me
  15. Religions

    I'm not sure. I can see why you're confused by it, heck - so am I! I just get this feeling that we aren't completely alone, that there's a great change of state after death (more than just ceasing to exist). I can't explain what'll happen, I'm completely clueless but, every now and then, I get this weird feeling that there's "something" there. Arrrrggggh, why can't I express myself
  16. Religions

    I was raised catholic and am grateful for that but I would consider myself agnostic. I tend to try avoid thinking about God / the afterlife in general as it ends up with me unable to sleep or suffering a horrible panic attack. I remember being disturbed for 3 months straight thinking about death a few years ago. I'm also quite spiritual & believe there exists a "force" somewhere. I could ramble for hours. I like having been catholic because it's exciting to break rules.
  17. Weird shit people do

    I don't understand when people have large mirrors placed around their toilet so that basically there's no way to avoid not looking at yourself pee / have a shit without closing your eyes. I just don't know why.
  18. Skin Colour, Races and Racism

    Yes, interesting topic. I used to never take notice of it at all - even when interacting with other races I never consciously took notice. In the past few years though it's impossible to avoid. After being made aware of past racism was really damn fascinating. I feel ashamed that sometimes someone's race is so prevalent in my mind even when I'm talking with them. In the past 2 years or so, I've become really really pale so I do have some people point that out to me. I've also, in the past year, made many non-white friends so it has this kinda double effect where I don't notice it anymore but then we all look so different together. I like it though.
  19. Weird shit people do

    Yes! You have passed the friendship test, she is one of my many idols in life. I guess she'd be sad but it's taught so horribly at UCD ;_____; the method really doesn't work, Italian is borderline too. I'll still watch movies / read books in French though so I won't loose it! : D Still undecided about my language though. Really edging towards Chinese...but imagine all the Studio Ghibli movies and J-Pop music I could indulge in D: I'm such a sap - I need direction
  20. good stuff thread.

    I'm not the only one :') if only there was a course that taught everything... Try sneak into large lectures of subjects you have interest in. It works!
  21. General Movie Thread

    ew - you will henceforth lose so much respect from me. It's awful, duh
  22. A personal milestone

    Post count is embarrassingly low for me - what many may not know is that I joined N-E five years ago (holy...), I would often go on crazy lapses from here which would last months at a time though so.. I've spent such a long time of my life with this forum with me. Damn.
  23. good stuff thread.

    Back in college too, damn - feels nice to be back. I've been ridiculously busy trying to meet with folks, organise bills / banking / housing but I'm happy. Your course sounds amazing, wish I could do it / learn about it professionally. I did sneak into a few lectures about Greek though Eddie & heroicjanitor have been acting silly and decided to graduate so I'm the one remaining N-Eer here >___<
  24. Weird shit people do

    Come on, people - eat your favourite thing first! It tastes so much better as you are more hungry. Plus, if you accidentally choke on the less-tasty food - you'll have died before you even get to savour that taste. Release the ice-cream! Currently speak French, Italian, German, Irish and Korean. I like to speak a little of each every day - luckily one friend speaks all the same so we interchange them / create this strange hybrid. I have some spare time for another language in college as I've decided to drop French (for this year, at university) so I must choose between Chinese or Japanese! It's damn damn hard! I have friends who speak both so I'm so CONFUSED!
  25. General Movie Thread

    Oh god, tell me about it. I bought it as it's known as being a film "everyone" should see. Don't be fooled by those many 5-star ratings on the box! It's a bunch of tripe.