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  1. It began 3 months ago when I visited Budapest, basically I had a night that was scarily similar to the entire film except replace the meeting on a train with outside a hotel (sounds creepy but it was, like, 2am and in an attempt to escape the horrible noisy hostel I bumped into that guy smoking outside and we decided to run away together). The most hilariously silly & OTT thing ended up being us accidentally bumping into a Hungarian musician on top of Budapest and he decided to serenade us with a rendition of La Vie En Rose while we danced. As for this week, well I've actually moved to Vienna for an entire year for my studies. Somehow bumped into quite a stud and we had another night like Before Sunrise. [Walked around the city, played games in a bar, drank wine by the Danube and snuggled at 3am to protect from the cold and then the inevitable Kiss (Gustav klimt style). etc. etc. ]. We just had real conversation, the sort not plagued with bullshit. We know we probably will not see each other again but that night, Vienna was ours. We also were both familiar with the city so we jokingly acted some stuff -- NATURALLY I was the sexy French girl. My time here has been already so interesting.
  2. So, has any of you seen "Before Sunrise" ? Basically this has become my existence.
  3. Okay guys , I finished Attack on Titan yesterday and I feel hollow. My hollowness needs a new Great anime to fill it up with goodness. PLEASE SUGGEST xo
  4. I think people here become way too crazy about just eye contact, ITS NORMAL !
  5. How are people watching Attack on Titan? What's the best way -- I'm thinking Crunchyroll or just torrent.
  6. Is *anybody* watching Accel World ? I need to get some opinions. My close friend has seen the entire series and often confines in me how much she misses the characters from the show. I'm on Episode 15 now and I think, so far, it's *good*. Certainly not as strong as Sword Art Online. I like the characters but they haven't yet grown much dimension which I'm waiting for. I can sense it happening but it feels like almost there, but not quite.
  7. 9/11. Where were you?

    Shame of not remembering 9/11? That honestly seems just a tad ridiculous. Of course it was a major turning point for many things but if we are going to mourn the loss of something let's focus our attention on something much more tragic. In the grand scope of current war -- the body count / lives affected by 9/11 is but a speck. How many have died / been injured / had their lives destroyed by the US army? These are the people we should cry for. If 9/11 happened somewhere remote that wasn't in the US like China or Norway, no one would care.
  8. Forum User Photos

    @Pancake You are getting prettier and prettier I swear.
  9. Of course it's the appeal -- they're Korean Pop Stars so you better damn expect OTT everything before you even open the door to this world. 하루하루 is especially great -- the 1-take video, the slick dance, the innovative composition (especially that rap 'back-and-forth' part!). You may have already but you should definitely check out: 1. Tonight 2. Heaven 3. Cafe 4. Love Song 5. 붉은 노을 6. The entire (Still) Alive album -- such hits !!!
  10. I never talk about these things as openly anymore but I feel like gloating that I had a really really really amazing date a few days ago !!! I've been very much removed from the gay scene for the past few months and it has been pretty quiet for me. In fact, I think the only exciting experiences I've had has been this wonderful guy I met in Budapest while I was travelling through Europe (of course, it couldn't be long). Anyway, I wasn't expecting anything with this date but we ended up eating Japanese food (probably my subconscious anime obsession these days) & some sake. The guy was really goofy & I really spent the date laughing the entire time. So easy-going & *FUN*. The night ended with watching some live jazz, drinking whiskey & then a nice kiss before I headed home !
  11. Anime / Manga has always had a presence in my life but it has mostly been pretty patchy and passive. It's somewhat a little daunting to really throw yourself into this world but it's so far been extremely rewarding. After work each day I watch maybe 2-3 episodes of whatever anime I'm watching. I got through Sword Art Online and just watched the finale of Death Note a few minutes ago. Really really impressed! I get really attached to the characters so it's sad to see them go. Sword Art Online was one of the most visually satisfying things I've watched, the colours were spectacular. I've heard Accel World surpasses even SAO and it's by the same director so I'll get that next! Death Note was really satisfying to watch too, although I would agree with those above that it gets slow (particularly in the 3rd Arc). Rem & L, love!!!
  12. bad stuff thread.

  13. Is that Big Bang !! OMG U LIKE DEM 2
  14. Lady Gaga

    @Paj\! Stole my exact words
  15. General Movie Thread

    I watched "Eyes Wide Shut" for the first time today. Fuck me, it just killed me. It's been on my list for quite a while given it's a Kubrick film, and his last one at that. The opening 20 minutes led me astray for sure. It began nice and after the argument between Kidman and Cruise I was expected a sort of love melodrama film (I. DONT. KNOW. shameful). Well the pace quickly picked up. The style was just typical Kubrick which I love. He is just able to set a tone to a film. So much so that many shots in this film looked identical to "The Shining", which I loved. Cruise and Kidman really killed this performance. It was subdued to a suitable degree of non-glamour. Reading up on the film afterwards has made me feel a bit in a trance. It really gives the head a good charge into thinking of the dark side of free sex and all that silly stuff. eep
  16. Lady Gaga

    Brought back to the west for the first time in over a year. I like this. It's a great, fun song. It just sounds like the perfect kind of song for her right now. The verses are really really impressing me, her singing is becoming actively more unusual which is great. I'm certainly not taking her seriously these days so this is just great fun for me.
  17. Religions

    *goes on N-E, sees thread "Religion", last post "Diageo"* Here we go
  18. That's so lovely Danny, keep everyone updated. It's so " :3 "
  19. It's very possible to change somebody's nature with your charm. Seduce
  20. Happy St. Patricks Day 2013

    IT IS PADDY'S DAY, not PATTY'S DAY!!! Please remember that, Patty's Day is the most cringe thing.
  21. I'm off to Dublin!

    Are there places that accept sterling? lol, we're not part of the U.K., we only use the Euro. If you were to walk into any shop and ask if they accept sterling -- expect more than just a funny look. We're very proud people so be aware not to tread on people's patriotic nature. Associations made between us and England, however innocent they may be, could lead to quite a few pissed off folks, and rightfully so. As for what to do in Dublin -- it's a small and close city. We're not exactly a "tourist" city so to make the most of Dublin, don't come here expecting wonderful tourist attractions. Of course, there's many castles you can visit, Trinity College, St. Stephen's Green, oh and Phoenix Park! Phoenix Park is wonderful -- the biggest park in Europe (the world?) and there's plenty of wild deer you can play with, and the President lives there too! The National Gallery is also one of my favourite places to hang out, it's so inspiring. This comes with other museums and libraries, like the 'Dead Zoo' which is wonderful. If you're feeling more adventurous -- get a bus to Dun Laoghaire, Howth, Killiney, the Botanic Gardens (in Glasnevin). I've also spent many days wondering around these places. I think with Dublin, just relax and pace yourself. There's no rush here. It's quite relaxed and close together but not in a claustrophobic sense. Make sure to go to as many pubs as you can, sit down with some friends for a few hours and order some beer. The atmosphere is perfect. As lovely as Temple Bar is, it's certainly a tourist trap / fake Irish but it has lovely places nonetheless.
  22. What are people's advice / thoughts on being a "3rd Wheel", in a sense. Months ago, I introduced two of my closest and most treasured friends together who had soon hit it off with each other. I'm so ecstatic to see them so violently happy but being with them both every day for the last few months has been tiring -- sometimes the presence of a couple is insufferable. I explained this to them both separately. One was understanding, the other a little confused. Should I be more tolerant? Am I over-reacting? I'd love to hear other's stories on this.
  23. Hence why I'm posting. He says hi though. Don't worry, he'll be able to post again soon (he's quick :p)
  24. ;( you're no longer allowed to join me what's to say I'm not the same age, or younger? (;