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  1. Just a thought...


    Because they are using the 'silence will fall' line again for this episode. I wonder if we will finally see how the TARDIS exploded way back in series 5? And thus tying up the lose ends to stories done in the 'Smith era'.

  2. Haven't they confirmed that they are doing like another 3 films after the first now?


    Just thinking out loud but the if the poster is genuine it could be more of a one for the 'series' of films rather than just what is appearing in the second?


    Or maybe it's just because I am having a hard time thinking how they can get so many stories into one film to do them justice...


    It's such a shame Ecclestone didn't reprise his role here. It didn't make sense in the story for him not to be there. I even wonder if the idea originally was to have Ecclestone as the War doctor, so that this whole anniversary special centred around the three modern doctors and what they represented since the button was pressed.


    I think the exact same thing! I was talking about that after the episode, it would have made more 'sense' rather than the new story of having a regeneration they didn't refer to as the 'doctor' thus technically making Matt Smith the 12th Dr etc.


    I think they explained the new story well though to still talk about the time war etc but I defo think they originally were going to do this as a Eccleston/Tenant/Smith show.

  4. Watched this yesterday.


    Well, I loved it! My faith in phase 2 has been restored (I was disappointed with Iron Man 3 and was starting to worry we had good films up to the peak of Avengers and it was gonna dip).


    A solid 9/10 for me. Some great comedy moments, some good twists and loved how it ended, leaving plenty of questions open.


    Captain America 2 looks awesome as well from the trailer!


    Pretty much the whole cinema walked out after the mid credits scene, was only my mate and I plus 2 others that stayed. My mate got ready to walk out till I said I was pretty sure there was another one!

  5. The aim was to complete it as my first game as per tradition, but my Dreamcast cut out twice on the Lost World level (the annoying one with the stone snake thing), so I quit at that point.


    Played it again as my final game (PSN version), since I was too tired for anything else. I think I got to the Highway Level.


    Ah ok. Yeah it was that level that had me had me lose against you!!


    Well done to everyone that took part!! :)

  6. I love my Sonic Games... So much so my avatar and sig really should reflect that (lol) but the reviews are a little :/ for me. Re-play the mega drive ones every year for example!


    I will defo pick it up at some point but I have an unbelievable backlog of games that I want to play so I will hold off on this for now. When it comes round to me wanting to play this I am sure it will have gone down in price a bit.


    I didn't think much of the Wii sonic games, even colours didn't leave me wanting more. Not sure why they never clicked. But most of the others, Generations/Sonic Adventures/Unleashed and the old classics I just can't get enough!!

  7. Back in Canada now and only just saw this quote. I had no idea I even wrote this! Where were we when I wrote this?!


    When we were back at ur dads but before we went out to mcdonolds... lol.


    About the time when you were spending ages looking for takeaways that were still open!