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  1. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When we were back at ur dads but before we went out to mcdonolds... lol. About the time when you were spending ages looking for takeaways that were still open!
  2. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You spent ages writing this message and that was the best you could do? lol.
  3. Battlefield 4

    I would have to actually have plus to use that...
  4. Superman: Man of Steel (June 2013)

    Basically my thoughts on the subject. I didn't miss the humour and to be honest there was still a couple of ones in there, there was one right at the end which made me smile. I'm glad they choose this style for the film, I felt like Superman needed something like this on the big screen.
  5. Mario Kart 8

    Great customisation would be something id like to see for sure. I'm thinking like how on Super Smash bros where you could easily choose what items appear and even how often etc. I remember the days on smash bros with @Aneres11 where we used to just pick poke balls! :awesome: we were so cool.
  6. New Super Luigi U

    Think I am going to download it rather than wait for the retail version. But then I'm probably going to wait to play it with my girlfriend so I may just wait before I download it... Basically I haven't decided yet! lol.
  7. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    I read a suggestion that because they have decided to push her appearance back to the later films she will be unavailable for further filming hence the suggestion of a re-cast. Or it would just be a way of getting rid of her! :p Her 'appearance' didn't quite sit right with me, she didn't have that 'hot factor' I believe MJ is normally portrayed to have. I hope this means I can see more of Emma Stone on screen!!!
  8. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Ah ok. I never watched EA or Sonys conference live this year. But i'm sure I watched 'highlights...
  9. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I'm on nights this week and have only recently woke up... forgive me! It was shown at their conference though wasn't it? I seem to remember seeing it on that. Now I'm not sure what @flameboy point was at all... *Should probably go back to bed*
  10. The NEW New Super Mario Bros. U Thread

    About time. Couldn't believe when I got the WII U I couldn't use my sexy little pro controller to play multiplayer on it and had to get out my wii motes!
  11. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Could just be the case that Microsoft 'bought' Battlefield 4 to only be shown on Xbox One for E3?
  12. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I would struggle to play multiplayer with my god without one!!
  13. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Wish the Duelshock 4 would go down cheaper than £50... Would want to pick up a second one but that is a lot of extra money before I even get any games! lol.
  14. What Have You Bought?

    Star Trek - Enterprise Season 2 Bought ready for when I finish the first season!
  15. Killzone Shadow Fall

    Clearly I have a memory like a sieve! I just remember playing the second a lot more online compared with the third.
  16. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Part of me was thinking 'wouldn't it be cool to buy this for myself as a Christmas present... I thought that for the Wii U and I didn't hold out at all! Haha
  17. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    I'm hoping Sony confirm the prices for PS4 games as pretty much the same as current gen as Microsoft have done today. Interested to know when the console will actually be released as well, I am assuming November sometime?
  18. The Last Of Us

    Sooooo is this game as awesome as the reviews have suggested?
  19. The NEW New Super Mario Bros. U Thread

    Just wondering... Does the disc need to be in the console every time you want to play the dlc?
  20. The NEW New Super Mario Bros. U Thread

    I came in here intending to ask how you it would cost... thanks! Does anyone know how big the file size will be? Is the retail version going to stay at costing £30? I think I would prefer to disc to save eating into my precious Wii U memory.... BUT for an extra £12? I dunno.
  21. Killzone Shadow Fall

    KZ2 online multiplayer was awesome! I remember many a good game online with peeps from here. KZ3 just didn't quite live up to that for me online.
  22. Weight Loss and Fitness 2013

    I need to start eating more... It is such a hard concept in my head to do because I used to eat so little in the early days of my fat loss. And even when I started eating more in February when I proper started up again that was hard to get my head around. And now i have realised I need to eat more again! I think why it is so hard in my head is because I basically re-trained it a lot and so more food seems bad on a day to day basis! I'm going to start this week though, already spoken about it to other people. I'm going to start having a second sandwich at lunch time and something bigger as a mid afternoon snack, as long as I keep up my exercise I should be fine... I think!
  23. Superman: Man of Steel (June 2013)

    I watched this on sunday morning. My word was it awesome! Below is my thoughts on the film in no particular order! Just brain stormed it down!!
  24. Mario Kart 8

    Not 'everyone', just people in it's path. Many blue shells have passed me without touching, but sometimes I have been unluckily in it's path... Ninja Edit: Which I have just realised is what you basically said... apologies!