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  1. What Have You Bought?

    Made two purchases last week. AxeWounds Debut Album 'Vultures' Got a card inside which they all hand signed as well which was cool! Would recommend anyone who likes metal to give them a listen. Resident Evil 6
  2. Gigs / Concerts

    Went to two gigs last week. First was AxeWound on Wedneday, a new band (metal) with members from Bullet for my Valentine and Cancer Bats. Seen them at Download and couldn't wait to watch them again, they have a good album as well! From their album this sound is just fast paced awesome metalness.... And then thursday I watched something 'lighter' in Nickleback (who were awesome as well!)
  3. Festivals 2013

    I probably wont be going Download next year, part of me would like to go again but I don't think it will be possible work wise/may wish to spend money on other things etc.
  4. Extra Life 2012 - Save The Kiddies and Sponsor Us!

    Both times I have done it we stayed as strict as possible because were awesome! And I believe Dominoes is on the cards again this year!! I'm just looking forward to having 'fun' in the house of Rez! :p Oh and I noticed this on fb which I think everyone should take note!
  5. Long-Distance Relationships

    Haha, are we that obvious!? :p
  6. Long-Distance Relationships

    I'm in a long distance relationship which is now in it's fourth year. We had been together for four years and she went down to Cardiff for uni. I drive down and visit normally every 3 weeks over the weekend. Normally she would be back for a month over xmas, easter and 3 months over the summer holidays. This year is going to be harder as she is doing her masters so has had to get a part time job as well etc for money so she wont be able to come back as much over xmas etc but we will find something to work around. It is hard every time we part ways but we want to make it work and long term it should work out the best as it is something she needed to do for her to have a career etc. Random fact is I have a lot of family in cardiff so can visit them while I am here as well (I'm down here at the moment, travelling back tomorrow morning for work in the afternoon!) There is light at the end of the tunnel as we can be together again perminantly, certain things are uncertain about where we will end up being together as I'm on the verge of getting my dream job and she is working towards her career but once it all settles then it will be awesome! I look at how @flameboy handled it as we used to speak pretty much every day before he went to Canada and he got to see his girlfriend so much less than what I do and he made it work so hats off to you bro! I think if he did it then I can!
  7. Forum User Photos

    Yeah but @Aneres11 pulls it off so well! :p
  8. Doctor Who

    I don't know if the lightblub references actually mean anything but there was another one in this ep... If I remember right River asked him if the lightbulb needed changing on the TARDIS but the doctor said he had already done so. Also River told him she is now a professor... could we be nearing the end of her storyline (since she was a professor in the library). Which also brings me to my next super wild theory... the lights going out, could it not be the vasta narada (or how ever you spell it)? As they were referenced in the library ep which was a moffat one to spread the darkness or something so they can eat more people!
  9. Want a new TV...

    I love my TV which I got a year ago! (which you already know all about...) <Pointless Post>
  10. Football Season 2012/2013

    Missed the match and highlights last night because of work (forgot to record highlights) Is Ferdinand starting to show his 'age' now (in footballing terms)? I'm am worried about our defence, we can't seem to keep many fit at the moment.
  11. Resident Evil 6

    Glad to hear your staying to enjoy it HoT! I too got mine yesterday from ShopTo but due to work was unable to play it. Just installing it now and I'm going to start on it.
  12. Doctor Who

    Very touching episode. A great way to see off the end of the Ponds. Grown quite attached to them!
  13. Gears of War 3

    Should be good for me. I work shifts and I am off both of them days, although may be busy in parts as might be seeing my sister on the sunday and my dad monday evening. We shall see!
  14. Resident Evil 6

    Well I had the steel book one pre-ordered with ShopTo (same price as normal edition) while I was deciding wether to get it at launch or not... This has well snuck up and I my decision was made for me, ShopTo charged my account yesterday! lol. It doesn't say it has been dispatched yet but it is packaged as the pic is up on the website showing my parcel. I loved Resident Evil, Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil: Mercanaries & Revelations (never actually played the other 3 'main' ones due to not having a playstation. Because I loved the above I just think how can I not like this one!? :p
  15. Weight Loss & Fitness 2012

    Well I had started back in the gym last week, starting off with weights way below what I know I can lift to build myself back up. Was doing fine and last went the gym on monday, but I woke up today with my righ glut hurting and now my back is hurting again (and not just feeling uncomfortable as it has been) Not quite sure what I have done but i'm well annoyed. Wondering if I have to see the sports theropist again now.
  16. Gigs / Concerts

    Watched Halestorm in Manchester Monday night, they were great! Good set, and broke it down with solo drumming and a solo performance by Liz on Piano and singing.
  17. Gears of War 3

    Cool! Although friday would be no good for me, booked the day off work and going down to Cardiff to see my gf, I will prob have my 360 with me but may not play much of it depends. I was online! But @Dog\-amoto never appeared, lol.
  18. Gears of War 3

    Well our attempt to get this going didn't go very well the other day! Lol
  19. Doctor Who

    I agree with the general theme of comments. Thought the episode was great! It was a rushed and bit of a cop out ending though.
  20. Gears of War 3

    Cool. Well I'm free pretty much all day today, and tomorrow evening. Not sure about Sunday evening yet.
  21. Gears of War 3

    That is all I am after! Do you think we could get away with having one idal guest account to make up a fourth with the three of us playing? Or do you think that would cause problems and would be better with a fourth human?
  22. Gears of War 3

    Cool! Be ace if we could get another two involved though, (thinking of the cheevos) unless we could both use a ideal guest account each. Although I dunno if that may cause problems or not.
  23. What Have You Bought?

    Can you tell I got paid today... Resistance 3 £13.85 Assassins Creed Revelations £12.85 Rayman: Origins £12.85 Rocky: The Complete Saga blu ray £20 Harry Potter: Complete 8 film collection blu ray £28.97 The Avengers Assemble blu ray £12
  24. Dredd (2012)

    I also give it a big thumps up and very worthy of a cinema trip!