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  1. ZombiU

    I just literally found the crossbow, what a game changer! Instead of being the poor defenceless human scared to use his gun, im now actively hunting the dead like some crazed undead assassin! I love how you can collect the used bolts off the bodies too! aw god damn it! Its almost like the game heard me, so im sitting on a scaffolding and i take out three zombies with headshots from my crossbow, climb down to retrieve the bolts and the bodies and my bolts have vanished! Not happy T-T
  2. Absolutely epic thread! Knowing im less than a week away from the games release has me going crazy, everything im playing in between is filling time until i can get Monster Hunter started. Ill need to remember and pick up one of those analogue stick things for my 3DS version of the game, had been hoping they would do a special edition with it included.
  3. This is a horrible question, a HORRIBLE question! Ive been playing games since i was 5 years old and im now 32, locking down that single experiance that was for me the best is nigh on impossible. Off the top of my head without thinking about the ins and outs of everything id go with Final Fantasy VII...i know i can already hear people rolling their eyes but it was at the time i played it the most perfectly crafted game i had ever played. Time has passed and the graphics really show their age and the translation wasnt as accurate as it could be, but for me the game had one of the best sound tracks ever composed (One Winged Angel and some of the boss battle music spring to mind), some of the most heart breaking story telling and the summoning cut scenes went from nice (Hades, Shiva) to completely bonkers (Bahumut Zero, Knights of the Round). I also really dug the art style that eventually made its way into Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts and Vagrant Story. It was really the first time in a game that i felt a real attchment to the characters and realised just how important a strong antagonist could be.
  4. Did you ever have forklift races in there? When i used to work in Compaq we had races on those manual pallet lifter things but not being motorised it got really old really fast lol
  5. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Ive played before but im probably no better than anyone new coming in so ill stick with the new folks until i can hold my own, sounds like we have a good mix of players anyway.
  6. ZombiU

    Im going to jump back on and try and escape Buckingham Palace this weekend, had other things on and girlfriend was hogging the tv so havent been able to play. There is some Zombie spawning as early as the Palace, it is a little frustrating but at least they seem to be fairly spaced out. Hoping to meet more of your zombie selfs ingame lol.
  7. 3DS Cartridge popping out.

    Actually yeah, it happens to me a fair bit when im carrying my 3DS to and from work, im not sure if its taking small impacts in my bag causing it to pop out or if its just sitting at a funny angle. Dosent happen everytime but maybe once a week or something.
  8. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    I cant believe its only 10 days until the game finally launches, all the crazy cool additions Capcom have made such as offscreen play on the WiiU and cross region play (for the West at least) makes this an even better value proposition. I understand why we cant play with the Japanese guys, the JoJo bizarre adventure stand and Inu Yasha sword have major licensing issues around them, but it would have been nice to be able to play with the world but...ill settle for most of the world at this point. I have to say im glad to see Capcom specifically working directly on player feedback and implimenting the things we have asked for, its also great to see Nintendo ensuring that everyone gets to play for free because with a game as Eastern influenced as this its really important to make sure as many people are attracted to the game with as little buy in required as possible. Whats the plan for the guys on here? Will people be jumping online straight away or leveling offline until a specific level cap has been reached?
  9. Oh wow! I need to find my Japanese copy of F Zero GX now and my Japanese gamecube lol, i never did unlock any of the AX stuff, probably didnt know it was there to be unlocked...
  10. I honestly dont care about it to be fair, its almost always side missions or time waisting story content that dosent add or remove anything from the main story. If the game ships in a complete form and im getting everything without feeling im missing out on some huge chunk of story content, then let them have it. If they cut stuff out to later sell back to me, thats not cool at all. I dont even care abou the extra skins for multiplayer stuff because i dont even play online that often, even the store exclusive stuff is usually skins or an extra weapon etc. Bottom line for me, deliver me a compelling single player story mode and ill forgive almost anything else.
  11. Dead Space franchise canned...

    This happens a lot with any type of news sites, the only ones not doing it are this one, Giantbomb and a very small handfull of others. Kotaku, Destructoid, Eurogamer and especially Videogamer are known for quoting mysterious shadowy sources which if im honest i dont believe exist. I enjoy some of the writers on there but the amount of made up or recycled rumours they print on a daily basis is crazy, a lot of it is educated guess work but that wouldnt make for a very good headline would it? I do personally believe Dead Space is on hold until a later date, the story is likely true but i dont believe anyone came out and told them this, they needed to up their page views and so they made it sound like they had a source, very few sites dont do and im suprised when this catches people off guard.
  12. I guess thats kind of the point though, the game just never made that much money and to try and create a new one on a modern console is a fairly big risk for any company to pick up even if they have some kickstarter cash. If i was Sega id HD up the last two and then get Yu to create the third game using the same engine as the previous game and launch the whole thing as Shenmue complete. That way the series looks and feels consistant, dosent bankrupt Sega and appeases the fans whilst simultaneously testing the waters for a new entry to the series on next gen/current gen machines. Personally, i loved both games and still play them now and again and it amazes me just how well the whole thing stands up even today. Hell, quantic dreams made a killing ripping off the series with their last two games so there is still a market for it, but its mostly a niche one. They still are, if you can get ahold of a copy id recommend playing it, the closest you will get it it in todays games is Heavy Rain...but its not even half the game Shenmue is.
  13. How Often Do You Revisit Old Games?

    I tend to work through a series of older games once a year, couple of years ago i played every main Zelda game, year after that every Sonic game up to the dreamcast era and this year i have the Legacy of Kain games sitting to be played. Around 10 years ago i played through Final Fantasys 1 through 9, cant stomach anything after that.
  14. Handhelds or Consoles?

    Consoles for me, i always think ill play handhelds more but when it comes down to it id much rather sit with my big screen and surround sound than a tiny screen with headphones on. Especially when the battery life on a 3DS or PSV makes them a whole lot less portable.
  15. Id support a kickstarter for this but what makes Yu even think that Sega would part with the franchise when they can effectively re-release hd ports of the previous too for years to come? Let us not forget Square and their constant "we are thinking about an hd final fantasy 7..." quotes they drop every E3, or the non existant Beyond Good and Evil 2 that Ubisoft mention every now and then. Id love to see Shenmue get the final chapter it deserves but i just dont see it happening, the game just didnt sell that well, i bought 2 copies for the UK editions of both games brand new when they launched but how many other people can claim they own a copy that isnt pre-owened? Half the people on the Sega forums screaming for Shenmue 3 where in primary school when the dreamcast was out and the other half downloaded it from edonkey.
  16. You make some interesting points but lets face it, the excuse that CD gave is the exact same excuse that developers gave for not making games on the Wii. I can remember EA and Activision based devs saying they wanted to take advantage of the Wii controller and not just shoehorn waggle controls on...and now they are doing just that on the PS3. Nintendo need to get the price right and get the newer titles launching either before or on the same date as the other versions as we have already noticed WiiU versions of games being pushed back for weeks at a time. For me the price for the WiiU is fine, but im not a typical consumer, im a long time fan of Nintendo and im usually an early adoptor for most new tech and i dare say ill pay over the odds for the new Xbox when it hits shelves too. Unfortunately they have already sold a WiiU to every one of their die hard fans, its everyone else they need to target now.
  17. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Its difficult to quantify, i got it on PSP ages ago and the first 10 or so hours i felt like i had wasted my money, it wasnt until i turned it on the next day that it clicked for me. I think most people will say the same, no one really likes the game at first, but at some point you suddenly understand and im not sure how to explain that to people unless they have played something similar like Darksouls (in terms of controls not gameplay). Its not an easy game and it dosent help new people in any way, animation takes priority over button pressing so every move you make takes a type of commitment you wont see often in games, there is no way to cancel out of an attack, once the animation starts you are stuck until either you connect or the monster hits you. The punishment for missing or being too slow with a move is sometimes 1/2 your life bar, and to restore your hp you have to activate the animation for that too. If it dosent sound like im doing a good job of selling it to you thats fine, its a game you have to come to terms with, to understand that the first few hours you play you will die, a lot and probably not really know why. If you do pick the game up its probably worth adventuring with others first so you are not getting constantly murdered by your prey, it still wont be easy but you will at least have people barking advice at you as you play.
  18. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    Id much rather play this on my big TV with my speakers etc, being able to download my save to the 3DS game to take with me on my longish commute to work and play at lunch time is huge for me. Its not going to be usefull for everyone but i dont think id want to be playing the game on my 3DS full time since my old man eyes get tired looking at the tiny screen all day. Its not even as if the 3D is a draw because my TV has that built in too.
  19. ZombiU

    Its funny playing the game and suddenly having my friends suvivors appearing as Zombies, i killed a couple of you yesterday on the bunker approach, Londragons Zombie got a bit close for comfort though...
  20. Deus Ex: Human Defiance (Movie)

    I loved HR but never got to the end, if this is a new game or a port ill buy it either way, the previous game was mind blowing!
  21. Rayman Legends

    The WiiU game is finished and im willing to bet the game has gone gold and discs have been pressed, we are not going to see any meaningfull new content come to the WiiU game so they can pretty much make up all the excuses they want and im not buying it. Im no longer interested in Legends, its going to come out in a busy period of bigger and better games so im going to give it a miss, ill hold out for Watch Dogs and that new pirate themed Assassins Creed.
  22. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

    Why the didnt just call it Lego Justice League is beyond me...wait...Batman..Beyond! Lego Batman Beyond/Superman Beyond would be amazing!
  23. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (March 22nd)

    As far as i was aware they had only confirmed that the mic on the gamepad would be the input method, im sure the WiiU headset will work just fine too but i couldnt see anything to support that. Regardless, everyone will be able to communicate using voice chat at its built right into the pad. Although im getting the cart for 3DS im seriously considering also buying the digital version at some point so i can always have it on me, now that saves are transferable between physical and digital games i have nothing to worry about on that side of things.
  24. Mighty Switch Force 2

    Hope this makes its way to WiiU, i loved the original game, still need to finish it up.
  25. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

    I never got around to picking up the PC/Xbox version so ill get the WiiU game when it comes out, love the Lego series and the last Lego Batman was a lot of fun.