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  1. Mario Kart League 2016

    Caught out by a console update, I'll catch up next week
  2. Mario Kart League 2016

    Sorry guys, this normally never happens but i have to stay on late at work tonight to help finish up a project for another team, there is a very slim chance i'd get home just in time for the event kicking off but i cant promise anything as dont know how long they will need me. This is the last of something they have been working on since last year so dont expect to have to do this again, sorry for the short notice.
  3. Jessica Jones

    I'm just done with episode 8 having binged watched all of Daredevil the week before last and most of Jessica Jones last week. I dont have much exposure to the character outwith the show but so far i'm loving it, she feels believable in a way that some of the movie MCU characters dont and Killgrave is just incredible. Everytime i finish an episode i check my watch to see if i have time for just one more lol
  4. Your 2016 Gaming Diary

    I started the new year how i seem to start every year now, grinding away on Final Fantasy XIV. A new relic weapon was released mid December which involves progressing through 3 very frustrating phases to complete. I also had enough of the Free Company (guild) i was in and moved to a much more social one which has aided in my progress. I started playing another game by Square-Enix by the name of Life is Strange, its an adventure game not unlike something Telltale would release but with a slightly more grounded setting and a weird mix of the Butterfly effect and Donnie Darko thrown in. Suffice to say i was taken aback by just how great the story telling is and some of the WTF moments that i never saw coming, I am very much looking forward to seeing how the whole thing rolls out in the end. I spent some time playing Monster Hunter Online (the chinese mmo) and it only made me wish i could play Monster Hunter 4 on the big screen all the more. I have made such little progression on the 3ds game that i have decided it is going to be the target of renewed focus, especially after hearing just how amazing Monster Hunter X has been so far.
  5. Mario Kart League 2016

    I totally spaced out last week with it being my return to work after the festive period, am i too late to join in? I realise i'll be a points disadvantage but i dont mind ^_^
  6. Nintendo NX - Prediction Thread

    Name: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES for short) (Home Console) & NES Portable (Handheld) Graphical capability: Slightly better than PS4 and X1 (Home Console) Slightly better than Vita (Handheld) Controller style: Likely to have multiple configerations like the WiiU had at launch, the machine will likely be compatible with the WiiU and Wii controllers and will come with one redisgned Classic controller with a small screen that has touch. The gimmick: The NES portable is the console, like the Neo Geo X it will be placed inside the home console docking unit which will give it access to a "home configeration" joining the graphics cards together similar to an SLI and unlocking the expanded memory and controller options. The new Nintendo Network account will allow cross buy for any compatible games and allow you to sign into any new Nintendo device with the same interface, trophies/achievements also seem likely this time. Hard drive size: likely smallish SD card in the portable but a 500gb ssd/flash memory built into the machine with the option of adding external USB drives and cards. Launch lineup: An upgraded port of the WiiU Zelda game and Mario Maker, a new Mario themed game (not a 3d one), Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star Online 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest Online, an "exclusive" game from UBI, Rise of the Tombraider, Call of Duty and ports of the other big cross platform titles on other consoles No. of Bundles available at launch: 2, one that comes with the NES and portable and the controller and one that ships with the same but with a larger hard drive, a NES branded version of the wii and WiiU controllers and a half baked early backers deal. Price: £350 for the basic, £450 for premium Release date: September 2017
  7. FAST:Racing Neo

    To be fair it launched in a very overcrowded time of the year, heavy hitters like Fallout 4, Rise of the Tombraider, Xenoblade and Star Wars Battlefront launched all very close together. I do get the feeling the game will have a bit of a tail on it with people getting vouchers etc for Christmas and the others who couldnt afford it due to buying gifts finally getting a chance in the new year. I really hope it does well for both Nintendo and Shin'en, i was completely blown away by just how good it was and it would be criminal for it to vanish into the ether.
  8. If you guys ever feel like coming back to XIV im on Ragnarok, would be happy to add you both to our small FC so you always have someone to play with. ^_^
  9. @Esequiel Not for a long time now, when XIV ARR finally came out (and resolved the majority of issues left behind by 1.0) i jumped ship and never looked back. We just got the XI farewell event in XIV last month, was kind of emotional to realise that game is pretty much abandonware now but nothing lasts forever.
  10. FAST:Racing Neo

    Probably not going to be able to pick it up until Wednesday, hopefully people are still playing by then lol
  11. FAST:Racing Neo

    Digitiser!?!? Holy hell i haven't thought about that service in years! I remember checking in daily before i went to school for codes and news bits....man i feel old
  12. FAST:Racing Neo

    Cant wait to get paid a week on Wednesday to pick this up, still enough time for some more reviews to drop but so far its looking pretty good. Anti grav racing...i've missed you!
  13. Doctor Who

    Pretty decent way to round things out, last two episodes have been fairly good actually focusing on telling an interesting story, sure its bubblegum in its way but its good bubblegum. Clara is going to become the writers single use get out of jail free card in a season or 2, they will put the doctor in a situation he cant possibly escape from and she will randomly appear to save the day likely sustaining a life ending injury that she has to go back into her death sequence for. Either way despite a few weird deus ex machina moments and some silly writing this was for me a much better season and im looking forward to whatever they have next.
  14. Xenoblade Chronicles X (4th Dec)

    I woldnt worry about what you pick for the multiplayer stuff too much, you get given the choice of six different sections you can work for but its so trivial to switch between them on a whim that it wont be an issue. That said i have played zero of the online stuff yet, spent 4 hours on yesterday and then Final Fantasy VII launched on PSN, soo many RPGS!!!
  15. Xenoblade Chronicles X (4th Dec)

    Played a couple of hours but kept looking for the option to switch to Japanese VO only to find out there is none lol, ah well its hardly a deal breaker but would have been nice. Just going to start playing again now, combat system is not what i expected but it isnt bad, im far too early in the story at this point to have a proper opinion.