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  1. for everyone here the euorpe qr code for the yoshi costume for your mii http://tinypic.com/r/281vss8/6
  2. is it just me or has the demo of this gone off xbox live , ive downloaded but i tryed to get a friend to download it and it not there
  3. halo 2 if yo dont have it u can get it for about 5-10 pounds now and wait for the 24th aug for bioshock that a class game a open type shooter where u pick more for what u want as u and where to battle, well worth to play a month b4 halo3
  4. the way you get ur internet to share u will need to have your modem plug into ur pc (normal if it a free one ur recived with ur internet it be usb) , then you connect ur wii with the Datel LAN adapter into the network card slot in the back of ur pc . then on window xp you need to go to my computer , then once there click on my network places on the tab onthe left, then once there click on my view network connections on the left tab, then in there you sould have number of different icon you will need to find the icon that is your internet provider, eg tiscali, once you find that right click on the icon then click on properties , that will bring up and window , in there click the advance tab at the top of the window. on the internet connection part now you need to tick the box next to "allow other network users to connect throught this computer's internet connetion". then click on ok and then it sould work for you all you need to make sure you are connected on the internet on the pc to allow the wii to have interent conection . i hope this help . if you dont understand any of this please ask and i can give more help
  5. have you on windows told it to share the internet connection if you are connecting it throught the pc and not a router, if this is the case i can take you throught how to get to share throught windows xp as ive done the same on my pc to get my xbox 360 and ps2 to work , with my wii i using the usb wifi thng that work fine
  6. did you download all the game will you were set up on 480p and played them the first time in that setting
  7. OK this is a problem ive read a few of you are having and i looked everywhere on the net to find a way to fix . The problem is i got my wii xmas day and i use the offical Component cable i got hold of . I set it up and i downloaded toe jam and earl from the wii shop, played it after downloaded it no problem . Then i went away to see family for the new year and took my wii with me, while i was there i had to set the console up using the cable that were in the box. Also had to change it back 4:3 and 60hz . While i was there i downloaded donkey kong country and sim city they work fine with the set up there , but once i came home after new year i set my console up with my Component cable again ( set it to 16:9 and 480p). Once i try to play dkc or simcity to screen come up with mode not supported and then it goes back to the wii menu. But when i do try toe jam it works fine with no problem. Ive tryed a few thing to fix this myself . First i deleted the games and the save file and then redownloaded them to see if that would help but no good. Also i try to change the setting of the console while the Component cable to the 4:3 and 50 and 60 hz and nothing helped . I even plug the console throught scart and then started the game and then press the home page moved the cable to Component cable again while the wii still pluged in , then reset the game but no good but what was weired with that was the home menu was working on the Component cable on my tv . I do have friends who have these game and they got them working on Component cable so i dont see what the problem is . can anyone help ???
  8. if i was you i would wait for offical one there no point is wasting 18 pounds for the mad catz ones when u know once u have the offical u wont use them it just money u be throwing down the drain , wait and see on the 22nd or if you really want to make sure you get offical get put the money together for the offical and the madcatz and get an offical from ebay then u wont need to worry and u have a cable u allways use
  9. hiya all as anyone here got this and monkey ball , i only got the money for 1 of the 2 game and i would like to know from peopel who have got both or have played both to say which is the better game and at the moment from read about both and watching review on ign i say rayman has it so far just cos it look so funny can anyone help
  10. i have faimly who have orange broadband (which was wanadoo) and yeh i had a lot of people setting up anything on it apart from the pc , i have a laptop and i was on the phone to them for 30 min trying to sort it with them and still it isnt work till someone told me that u need to software on ur pc beofre it allows u on the internet somthing to do with the way the box make ur wifi safe , ive try the same with a ds and a psp and nothing works unless u have the software on the thing u want on the net , i think it wrong and the only way u can get it to work i have done is to use the ds usb wifi thing i hope this help u out
  11. has anyone got this as well as call of duty 3 and what does everyone think between the 2 and which u think is the best
  12. the post service will be wii overloaded today LOL i hope everyone get there one today
  13. yeh u are right , i just came back from game and they wre only allowing 1 of everying per person and they had no wiimotes , the que was big i got there at 6.30 and there were at least 10 people there before me , thank god i pre order wii play cos if i didnt i would of got and i got the last nunchuk and the last c contorler
  14. the controler is a lot smaller then i thought im my head on seen on video i dont know why but i thought i would of been biger lol
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