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  1. Talk like a pirate -19th September!!

    Arrr yets ya selve a pirate name, myhearties: http://gangstaname.com/pirate_name.php I beies: Cap'n Roger Saggingsails
  2. Religion

    At least jews won't shoot old ladies and firebomb churches. And that wasn't an insult to Jews, however it's read.
  3. Talk like a pirate -19th September!!

    It seems like only the other day it was talk like a pirate day. Also, does anyone actually talk like a pirate on said day?
  4. Amazon Pre-Order Sells Out!!

    I need to get to GAME and fast...
  5. That box art is ubber nice, they have to keep it for the europe launch.
  6. European Wii Preorders

    I don't really like gamstation, they don't do good deals, in GAME you can get stuff for a good price if you buy in bulk and ask nicly.
  7. March? What will Wii do?

    I wouldn't be supprised if they release a few big titles, and a couple of new colours.
  8. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    How can anyone not vote for Bauer after seeing that...
  9. For all the Lord of the Rings fans...

    There is also going to be a LOTR musical (very high budget).
  10. Religion

    No. (Pretty sure he isn't anyway).
  11. Blind Kid Gets a Wii and TP

    If he ebays that, man would it go for a lot, sony would probaly buy it off him, just to know whats inside. ...Is that for real?

    It's weird they are still up, do you still pay xorbit for the old forums?
  13. Starting an Action Figure Collection.

    You must leave them sealed, for axtra action goodness.
  14. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    Bauer would suvive but only long enough to be trappled by the hoff. Edit: so if you didn't guess I vote Bauer
  15. For all the Lord of the Rings fans...

    I should really read the hobbit, I agree LOTR is a bit slow, I still liked reading it, but I wouldn't read it again.
  16. NOE Watch...what happened?

    hehe we still havn't got that wario ware tilt game, how many years have we been waiting for...

    I won't be able to post so often soon, as the collage I'm starting means I'll only come home once a month or once every 10 weeks. I should be able to use libary computers/Cafe's but I don't know how often.
  18. Battle Royale - Film4 - 11:10pm Tonight (Saturday)

    It sounds really intresting, but I don't have film 4
  19. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    Vasquez gets my vote.
  20. RE Isketch Tonight?!

    Yeer I'm up for some sketchin'!
  21. Religion

    News just in Pope says sorry http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/5351988.stm
  22. Religion

    I wonder how many Christains will die because of what he sayed, I guessing a lot, in Africain/indeniassia (spelling?) and the middle east but I am also guessing that most will go un-reported.
  23. Religion

    This is the Popes speach in full context read it, and tell me if you still think he was wrong...
  24. What game has the best storytelling?

    Shenmue 2 has a great story (Don't have the first one, but I guess it's just as good).

    I can't seem to find my old stats, anyone got a url for the old forums, as it just saus site changed when I try and get on them, thanks. My R-E, N-E stats are: Posts: 1,585 Date jioned: 16-09-2005