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  1. I bodged it together

    Wouldn't cling film cling both ways? Meaning you'll pull it out, but you might not actually pull it out.
  2. More than one thing in a thread? The Great Odwin would not take lightly to such an uncouth suggestion.
  3. What Do You Do When You Go For A Poo?

    Let's just say I'm not going to "Cry For Home" after the last curry my mum made me.
  4. What Do You Do When You Go For A Poo?

    I sing when I shit, mainly that's just to cover the shame of my humanity though. When I used to live at home I'd tell my family I was off for a sing when I went for number two. By the looks on their faces my Tom Jones tribute isn't quite up to scratch.
  5. I Quit

    How about getting fired stories? I was fired from a pub I worked in for various misdemeanors including; turning up late, eating half a tray of roast potatoes, drinking on the job (the head chef said it was cool yeah?), getting the waitresses to do my end of day duties and not turning up to work. Okay, so the last one was the only reason given for my departure but I can safely say after everything I did I was not in the boss' good books. I know it makes me sound like a total loser but I normally wouldn't behave like that, the problem was that the pub was in far too close-nit a village so the atmosphere was too relaxed. I still turned up the day after for a drink.
  6. I am rubbish with girls

    I recommend a number one, as it goes well with facial hair. Keep it trim though.
  7. I am rubbish with girls

    Maybe a haircut?
  8. I am rubbish with girls

    Maybe it's your extensive Gremlins, Warhammer, comic book, gaming, anime and Glee collections.
  9. ReZourceman Daily

    I was hoping for a Rez podcast... If there's any justice in the world it will happen.
  10. Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Night vision goggles and a remote control car... Activision KNOW how to appeal to a gamer.
  11. Kele - The Boxer

    I had a good laugh at his Glasto performance. GLASTONBURY, HE STILL CAN'T HEAR YOU! He'll never recapture the Bloc Party magic.
  12. Do you collect anything?

    You mean Tazos? I collected them as a kid and had the collectors book with all but one in it. Apparently my brother sold it for a fiver to one of his mates. I haven't spoke to him since.
  13. Beyonce's Fringe

    I spent my childhood getting awkward boners over Beyonce, and I'll be damned if a little bit of hair change that.
  14. Skins: Series 5

    The cast seems to get less charismatic each time. Saying that I'll probably still enjoy it though, I even liked the 3rd and 4th series for all their flaws. Who else wants the ginger guy to be the new series' Effie?
  15. Drunken thread ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get the tissue lads, here come the tears.
  16. Experimental thread lock

    At least it gives those overpaid mods something to do.
  17. Experimental thread lock

    Can we declare this experiment a success yet?
  18. How much do you think?

    Please don't.
  19. How much do you think?

    I've got quite a few white noise tracks on my iPod to help me sleep and study. I don't particularly think it's because I think too much (snigger) but more because I've always had some background noise in my room. It was usually either a fan or an air purifier, but when I moved out I left them behind.
  20. Gym?

    Well, I'm definately making progress on the muscular girth front, so I don't really feel like I can push myself further than I do. I was speaking to a gym acquantence and he reckons it might be my supplements working. I started taking creatine on and off so perhaps that's helping. While on the subject of supplements, does everyone use? Alot of my mates laugh at me for using creatine and "water bulking" but I find it gives me a bit of a boost in my potential rep count.
  21. Gym?

    Does anyone else find that after the initial workout of an unused muscle group, the "morning after aches" just disappear? The first time I ever went to the gym I was aching for days, but after that the only way I could tell if I was physically exhausted is if, like you say, my rep threshold begins to lower. It's just a shame because it's such a gratifying feeling to wake up in the morning and not be able to move.
  22. -

    Sounds like something from Street Fighter or Killer Instinct....Or F Zero. They all sound the same to me.
  23. Hair

    I usually use Brylcream's Matt Clay, which isn't as bad as it sounds. It usually does the job holding and it doesn't have an overpowering fragrance. I went to get my hair cut by some italian bloke once. When he finished he threw the shaver on my eyebrows, I was mortified. He said it was the new thing? I fucked off without paying.
  24. What's a Good Pub Quiz Team Name?

    It takes balls of steel to go into a pub quiz with Pokemon based names. I must shake your hand.