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  1. Play.com - Cancellations and Confirmations

    I preordered within an hour at the first place that offered preorders (play.com) on the 15th of Sep but I wasn't apparently quick enough... Not funny. If I'd know I would have ordered from my local Game when they started taking preorders. Go to Dabs website during working hours and click my account, and then the chat to a representative button and ask them. Or you could use dabs.com/contact.aspx?rs=1
  2. Play.com - Cancellations and Confirmations

    Just chatted with a Dabs.com rep, here's what she said: Rachel : Good afternoon, how may we help you? Stephen Allred: Hi, do you know whether you are getting any Nintendo Wii's on launch? quicklinx: 4B62WS Rachel : we have 50 on order but we have not got the delivery date as yet. This means it could be tomorrow it may be next week or later, once we have a exopected delivery date we will update our website Stephen Allred: Ok, can I check whether I'm one of the first 50 to order? Rachel : 18 people have already ordered this item Stephen Allred: Ok, many thanks. Your session has ended. You may now close this window.
  3. Play.com - Cancellations and Confirmations

    Hey, it might be worth people's while preordering from dabs.com . I didn't expect them to have them, and I use dabs all the time so I doubt most people have looked there, but I've just ordered another backup from them. Thats 3 Wiis on order now... Hopefully I'll get one on launch.
  4. Play.com - Cancellations and Confirmations

    I preordered on the 15th, but apparently wasn't quick enough. Damn it! Just done a backup order with GAME, and I'm gunna try and get one from Amazon.
  5. Play.com - Cancellations and Confirmations

    I got the email. Im a little pissed, as I ordered on the day they started them, at 10 in the morning. They could have told me earlier so I could preorder elsewhere. Just got to hope I can get one from Amazon when they start theirs. If not I'll try some local retail parks in the morning on the Friday. I spose I can wait to Christmas anywho. Can you check the date you preordered at play.com in the account section? Cheers
  6. European Wii Preorders

    I preordered my Wii from Play.com on the day they started preorders at about 10 in the morning and I've just recieved an email telling me I'm not getting one at launch. Muchos pissed. Gunna try and get one off Amazon when they start their preorders.