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  1. Wii Compatiable MSN Messenger.

    I have to agree, I think it's quite silly to give out your MSN login details.
  2. Star Fox Adventure

    I quite liked it from what I remember although its been a while since I last fired it up.
  3. Big Brain Academy Sold Out?

    I just ordered it from Virgin but I've received a backorder email even though the Virgin site says its in stock, grr
  4. Wii Firmware update: 3.0U/E

    I got the small update this morning, the weird thing is after I updated then used the browser it crashed on the Nintendo UK homepage for the first time:(
  5. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    I finally finished TP today after a final push. I've had it since launch day here in the UK but dare I say it, got board half way through. Glad I went back to it now, cracking game
  6. Zelda on 40" HDTV with Official Component Cables

    Hi, I'm have the same problem on a 42" 1080p TV with the official component cable, it doesnt look good at all:( Sadly I think its because the image is stretched and I cant see a way to fix this without more options in the firmware. It looks great on an SD 33" 4:3 TV that I have.
  7. GAME Rep: Componant Cables in January?

    When I picked my Wii up on friday they told me I'd get the component cable at the end of next week so I was told the same. Hope they are right and its not January, but Friday:)
  8. The postmans been this morning and I've had a "GAME The Next Level" leaflet through the door confirming that my pre-order has been successful and that I WILL get a Wii on launch day(oh yes!), instructing me to bring my pre-order slip and receipt when picking it up. Also, I received an instore invite for the 10th of November to collect an Exclusive Wii pre-order pack containing Wii info including launch game info. Theres also a Limited Edition Wii GAME gift card that can be used to save up for your Wii & Games. So glad I ordered with GAME now, I'm feeling relieved :clap: As I've not made 15 posts so cant post urls check out "Now Playing" for a pic of the leaflet
  9. Play.com - Cancellations and Confirmations

    There was a post made at another forum last night that stated play.com were only getting 300 consoles at launch (7000+ preorders!). It was posted after a discussion with one of the play staff over the phone. Apparently Play.com contacted the forum admins and asked them to remove the post as it named the member of staff. So I'm guessing they have started to email people as a result of this apparent leak, maybe?
  10. Ahh I didnt see that! thanks for posting the link Yeah nps, how do i remove the link? cant see an option to do so.
  11. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Just read about this on another forum, Nintendo have confirmed that component cables unlike the US will be sold in local retail outlets in the UK and that games will be 480p enabled Source: Eurogamer As I've not made 15 posts yet I cant post url's, please see "Now Playing" for the article link
  12. The 'Currently Playing' Thread

    I'm currently playing Pray on the PC (almost finished it!) and Metroid 2 on the gamecube
  13. Games that break your controllers!

    I broke my CDTV left controller button holding it down to get more speed in lotus turbo challenge! what a game Got a replacement from dixons at the time. CDTV controller = poo
  14. Games that make you angry.

    I never really get that angry when playing games but I have a friend that still gets ribbed to this day (happened 15yrs ago, lol) about breaking things when he lost on a game. We still talk about it....remember the time you kicked the sofa "in to" the wall or......remember when you put the ps controller through your hifi lcd I'll need to ask him which games it was and let you know