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  1. Thanks, mate. I'm looking forward to that.

  2. Unfortunately its doubtful i'll come back but hopefully i'll see some of you guys online elsewhere and we can get some online games going. I'll also make sure I let you know when I get the new Minecraft server when the 1.8 update arrives.

  3. Well, I hope you do change your mind and return to the forum. Nothing is going to change what should never have happened, but I hope we can put all this behind us and return to some semblance of normality.

  4. Yeah i dont blame you for trying to stay out of it. I just wish the others, if theyre gonna jump in at least understand what the whole thing was about.

  5. I can understand you being pissed off. I've tried to remain neutral in the whole debate as best I can to prevent pissing people off further than they already are (in this case Chili and Goodfella) and hopefully clear the air, but it's not helping when people keep jumping on the 'my say' bandwagon. They have a right to do so I guess, especially when they feel so strongly about their views (from both sides of this debate.) But again, I don't think it's helping.


    I like all of you guys, so it makes things worse for being caught in the middle of it all. I hate this whole sorry affair!

  6. To be honest I dont remember ever reading anything fanboyish from you. Its more snide comments that get annoying. Take a look at the first page of the Nintendo 3DS thread for examples!


    Anyway, just took another look at the forum. Already pissed off. Being told by bravo to man up and yet again its being talked about that I shouldnt have cared so much about the admin powers! I didnt even lose mine until after! Lets be honest, its not exactly drawing me back.

  7. For a long time now I've had the same impression that Nathan doesn't post there because it's become mostly anti-Nintendo. (And to a degree I'm guilty of contributing to that. Sorry. :( ) It's a shame really because although an obvious Nintendo fan, he always struck me as the least 'fanboyish' of GO's members.

  8. Yeah I know most of the fanboy stuff was joking around but I think when it came to Nintendo stuff it was all the time and got boring. I think thats why Ginger Nathan doesnt really post there anymore either.


    Its all still annoying me a bit anyway, the way things happened. Thats why I came back and responded to Circ because it was yet another person who thought I was moaning about the actual admin powers. All I ever wanted was for them to understand that some discussion should have gone on first and just let the admins know that some would be demoted.

  9. I know. I can't believe, and am disappointed with, how the whole thing went down. It should have been handled better, and I'm really surprised it wasn't. I'm really cursing this whole forum move at the moment. I want things back the way they were. I don't care about forum software, or even any security risks that Chili mentioned. What I do care about is that our once awesome community now doesn't feel so awesome.


    I like to think of any fanboyism on the forum as merely a parody. I don't think anyone takes it serious, except PiD haha.

  10. The place just gets on my nerves. Lot of fanboyism flying around, barely any conversation going despite peoples best efforts and to be honest GFs childish behavior. I tried to leave the right way and just had it thrown back in my face.

  11. If need be!


    Seriously, you say yourself you'll miss us, and there are people gutted about you leaving. Are you sure you won't reconsider?

  12. Kicking and screaming?

  13. I'm only here to drag you back to Game Over!

  14. Hey mate, nice to see you back here!

  15. Wii Pay & Play

    I won't pay. I'll buy the games, those that require payments for online gaming, for their single-player only or I'll not bother buying them at all.