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  1. Segas Secret Title...

    House of the Dead compilation and Virtua Cop would be spot on!
  2. Virtual Console - All you need to know

    Aye its really annoying.
  3. Virtual Console - All you need to know

    Switch cards will not work, only MasterCard and Visa, Visa debit cards probably will work but its the only debit card thjat will. Maestro/Switch doesnt show its supported which is shite tbh.
  4. Virtual Console - All you need to know

    yeh only credit cards supported. Shame really, would rather use my debit card on the console as i dont have nor want a credit card.
  5. Official component cables vs madcatz

    Just a word to let you know, that i have the madcatz cable, and my mate has the official nintendo one. The picture is spot on on both and there is no difference at all to be honest. It seems the quality issues that occured with previous consoles are no longer a problem and 3rd party is on par with 1st party.
  6. Zelda Wii Underway!!

    I'd like to see Zelda : Links Awakening re-done in 3D. Was a quality game back in the day, but i do feel that the formula for zelda games is getting tired, the same water, forest, fire temples etc. Zelda needs huge new story angle where it doesn't involve trekking across the lands to one dungeon. The game needs to be more free-form in a sense you really do have to figure out what to do next via exploration. In all the previous Zelda's we're pretty much talked through what to do via Navi/Midna, that it does take away some of the 'Adventure' aspect to the game. The perfect name for the next gen game would simply have to be something like The Legend of Zelda : The Hero Of Time. Just my 2p.
  7. The Blue Light Explained

    Its a light, people need to get over it.
  8. GAME Rep: Componant Cables in January?

    I phoned around a couple places today, Game, HMV, toys r us, all say they have been told they should be getting them in tommorow, Game said they should be getting them tiommorowo so to ring back at like 11am as they will have had delivery by then and will know.
  9. Wii Friend Codes Thread

    where can i find the number? where is Wii message board?
  10. European Wii Preorders

    hmm its past 3pm now, no sign on amazon.
  11. First Wii Impressions

    I dont know if i want to update my Wii then, will wait till morning, see if its all clear to do so, if any bugs etc or machines dying start to pop up, will wait a bit.
  12. First Wii Impressions

    I had a scare when i put my machine on, i just plugged the red white and yellow straight to my tv, and it wouldnt come on on any channel, the obligatory crapping of pants ensued, then i tried it with the scart connector and it came on fine. Quality seems fine for me on my HDTV, but guess i'll see a nice big difference when i get a component cable. Queued up at an ASDA since 8pm for mine, they only had 10 in stock, and i was 7th in the queue. Got the Wii and Zelda, not played Zelda yet gonna wait till the morning to give it a good going over! But overall had a blast on Wii Tennis and Boxing, such a great console.
  13. European Wii Preorders

    Hey mate, when did you pre-order, i work for Currys, and afaik only 20% of pre-orders will be available on launch.
  14. So where in the world has component cables in stock?

    alls i know is that if my store get any, be it one or two, im having them.
  15. Woolworths UK pre-orders.

    Well if there is some freak accident and i dont manage to get my pre-orders at work, there is a big woolies next door to my store so will pop in there on the thursday just to see.