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  1. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    I concur. wtf 10 char limit!? since when Oo; It's pretty obvious when you're there I think, it's like thge only cafe in sight on the serpentine if I recall maybe?
  2. didn't even realise this thing had friends O_o

  3. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    This looks awesome, If only I could justify going down london twice
  4. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    Well you're gonna be filmed the most then Assuming the small possibility of me actually getting it in time.
  5. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    I might have a 550D by the time this is. If I do I'ma test out the video stuff if it's ok with people
  6. bad stuff thread.

    go and buy your own and suggest to make it double epic meal you know for a bit of variety. then eat it all yourself.
  7. bad stuff thread.

    Ok, it's not really a bad thing, just a minor annoyance. But I think my lightbulbs about to explode
  8. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    Odwins Coming
  9. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    whatup Twozzok ReZ Goafer Dannyboy Jimbob (+ Fez) Dyson Brian Mcoy Cube Flink Eenuh The Peeps jayseven The fish
  10. Twoz a Cool and Funky Birthday

    Thanks people I don't know (and obv, the ones I do ) I'm back next year, I hope you'll still be kicking around? You two at the next meet? I'm so glad I'm only round here for a year, the buses round here are terrible! And happy birthday CFM
  11. Bin Laden is Dead

    Haha, this is like a slap in the face for trump.
  12. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    Well quite :p
  13. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    what is wrong with you >_<
  14. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    Oh my tenency ends then :P As in, on the friday. But it's also my last (pay)day of my placement so i'll be loaded for it
  15. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    bnlargh, 16th july is meeh, i finish work the day before so'll have just moved home. but if it comes to it i'll go :P
  16. I Am Legend

    The film was bad purely because the title makes no sense with it's ending :/
  17. Chips/Crisps?

    Crisps in the sandwich is a necessesity when dealing with cheap as fuck sandwiches from the shops. When I have a sandwich I need some texture there damint! (Also when having burgers, whether fast-food (McD's) or 'Gourmet' (Fine Burger Co.), the chips (whether fries or thick chips) are always going in there with the burger, it just adds a whole 'nother dimension to the experience that you can't really get without the chips in there.
  18. bad stuff thread.

    I just checked my bank account. I'm fucked, £8 over my OD limit and still 2 weeks to payday.
  19. good stuff thread.

    Was privileged to watch the film Botched today. Greatest film I've seen this year (hurp)
  20. Hipster Hitler

    Haha, I always imagined typography people to be just that little bit pretentious.
  21. Regrets

    I don't have regrets. Though it's probably because I live the most boring life I know :/
  22. N-Easter Mini Meat?

    for me to be able to go it has to be a weekend straight after a 15th, or if the 15th is on the weekend that weekend. 'cos that's payday and I somehow spend money so quick the only way i'd be able to afford it is if it was straight after pay day.
  23. N-Easter Mini Meat?

    generic have your own up north response.
  24. Things to do in airports

    Can't you like read a book or something?
  25. Your dead body

    If I ever get a terminal disease. I'm having a funeral while I'm a live a la Michael J. Fox in Boston Legal. Then cremation I guess, no need to waste burial space for someone who doesn't care.