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  1. Graphics aren't important? Bullsh*t

    LMAO, you played RE4 just for the graphics ? RE has arguably the best story in a videogame series ever and you play it because its eyecandy? I will start to develop games now, Stunning graphics but with no sound, crap control and absolutley no story at all. I know that i would be guaranteed atleast one sold copy
  2. March? What will Wii do?

    Nothing has never been about industry support though. It has always been about what the general market buys. Just take Minidisc as an example, it had a crapload of support from the industry but consumers failed to buy it. The average consumer cares about a few things. 1. Price, The cheaper the better (HD-DVD) 2. Quality, They will weigh this point to point 1 (HD-DVD) 3. Name, DVD is recognisable while Blue-Ray is not And dont think that the average consumer cares if Blue-Ray has bigger discs or better quality. It wasnt until 2002-2003 that DVDs finally overtook the VHS in sales. It took them 6 years to reach that point, see any reson why it would be any shorter now? And dont you think there will be a new format in 6 years ? ^^ Wikipedia says this : HD DVD is promoted by Toshiba, NEC, Sanyo, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Intel, among others. In terms of major studios, HD DVD is currently exclusively backed by Universal Studios, The Weinstein Company and is non-exclusively backed by Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., New Line, HBO, DreamWorks, Image Entertainment, Magnolia Pictures, Brentwood Home Video, Warner Music Group, Ryko, Goldhil Entertainment, and Studio Canal. Are those not counted as movie studios ? I will do the digging for you here. Also from wikipedia : Universal Studios (sometimes called Universal Pictures), a subsidiary of NBC Universal, is one of the major American film studios. Oops :P BTW you still havent posted where you got the info about Ps3s Blue Ray drive
  3. March? What will Wii do?

    Is it just me or is this post filled with lies / wishes ? What i am interested in is the whole "sony has decided that they will be the cheapest for the first year" and "Sony has made sure that it will be one of the better Blue-Ray players in Ps3" For these statements i demand links to sources. Any kind of "I have a friend who has a dog who touched someones father who works at [insert place] and he knows this" will be treated with laughs. Sony do NOT completly own Blue-Ray. Look it up! And about Nintendo pulling a revolution out of their arse, they did and noone knew they wanted it. It proved to be intuitative and fun and now ppl want it. Nintendo hoped that this is something we needed and wanted and it seems they are correct by the looks of it. 360 and Ps3 did the same thing with HD and that has yet to be proven Let me close with a few things Betamax Vs. VHS SACD Vs DVD Audio Minidisc