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  1. I just started playing with it and it looks really snazzy! But. it. is... slow..... Everything I click on takes a couple of minutes to load (with the 3 loading dots in the middle), and every time my screen blacks out it needs to load again with the loading splash screen.

  2. I tried the demo but I wasn't too excited. It felt a bit too much like button bashing and combos not being too important. Graphic-wise it looked good! I think I will stick to the main series and finally buy A Link Between Worlds.

  3. Is there a reason why you are not playing with a full team yet? Because even at 4 badges, 6 'mon would be easy to get. And yeah, the Nido's are great, I think the King will win though when you teach him a proper ground move. Still like the Queen more. ;)


    One thing which I noticed now that I'm playing through Pokémon X, is that the caves have gotten WAY easier! Nothing compared to Seafoam Islands or R/B/Y Victory Road.


    Aw man, I would love to jump into the first generation again, maybe I should just buy it. On the other hand, maybe replaying LeafGreen is a better idea. But it is cool how much great response a 20 year old game is getting.

  4. My favourite memory is of A Link To The Past. Me and my brother got it in 1992/93 I guess. I was about seven years old, so I didn't know what to do except for chopping up bushes for rupees and sprinkling magic dust on whatever I encountered. My brother couldn't finish it so he traded it for Super Soccer, blasphemy! It was only years later on the Game Boy Advance that I finally finished the game and filled the void that has plagued me for years.


    Other noteworthy tidbits: I love the Hyrule Field theme from Ocarina Of Time. It took me ages to find out that I had to blow up a wall in one of the temples in Link's Awakening. Apparently I have played Zelda CD-I as my cousin had it, but I have absolutely no memory of it. And to this day I still love the Linkin Park video In The End, as it has a Wind Fish flying around in it.


  5. The contents of tomorrow's Direct have leaked, according to n1ntendo.nl. Their "sources" say (spoiler tags for people who don't want to know, even though this is not confirmed):


    SNES support for Nintendo 3DS VC

    Fire Emblem Fates

    Lost Reavers (voorheen Project Treasure)

    Mario & Sonic op de Olympische Spelen - Rio 2016

    Metroid Prime: Federation Force

    Monster Hunter Generations (X)

    Star Fox Zero




    We'll see what tomorrow brings!

  6. I'm not completely aware of EV training, but I believe it does require you battling certain enemies for different effects. For example, battling a Diglett would give you Speed EV, so if you want a fast Riolu/Lucario you would only want to battle foes who give you that specific EV. And in the main game you will get a lot of random encounters so you cannot EV train properly. But as I said, I'm not into EV training (who's got the time for that?!) so maybe someone else can give a better answer. :D


    And oh yeah, got Celebi through the wi-fi Mystery Gift! Still I think it is a shame that all these give away legends are l100, since it takes away the fun of training them any further in the game.

  7. If you really want some 'mon, you can get a lot through the GTS. I traded a lot of evolving Pokémon like Machoke and Haunter, and even got a Giratina for my Sylveon. But I'm up for reviving Pokémon X/Y trading since I also started playing a couple of weeks ago! I'm now ready for the Elite 4 and afterwards would like to complete my dex as much as possible.

  8. Me and my brother bought Blue and Red respectively, I spent about an hour earlier trading over all the starting Pokemon so we could both have them all. What are your opinions on the ethics of that? Has anyone else done it?


    I did that as well way back, when I played Blue on the Game Boy. And yeah, if you put in the 2 hours of time it takes (starting over 5 times!) you well deserve it!


    Here's my current main team




    Man, you gotta love these sprites. Plant with eyes, that snake, the substitute figure. Surfing jelly water Pokémon is also classic!


    I'm still in doubt if I am going to play it again on VC. I played it back in the days, and played LeafGreen (using the exact same team of Blastoise, Charizard, Vileplume, Butterfree, Pigeot and Raichu). So nostalgia says yes, but time management says no. Also, no local friends to trade with so no 100% completion.


    I like the new leaked list, fake or not. Seems the humming bird does have an evo and it's flying/electric.


    Yukiba/Fukiba the ice wolf clearly Moon exclusive, Nikkoguma/Beasahi the morning sun clearly Sun exclusive, and two sets of three form fighters each likely an exclusive. The dragon/steel type lance/shield sounds like some sort of knight dragon and cool as fuck.


    Oh, and for Glen: Dolphin is on the list, too. I'd be happy if the list was real.


    I'm sure this will be 3DS, the units are already sold and the game's been in the works for a while. I doubt it would skip 3DS.


    Can you post a link to this leaked list, I can't find it quickly.

  10. Pokémon Stadium VC could work, if they edit it to link up with your 3DS VC version of Red/Blue/Yellow. Although they will probably price it at 25 quid for the effort...


    My guess is Pokémon GO, Pokkén, Volcanion Event details, Pokémon Z? And of course more Pokémon 20 hype!

  11. Is it just one website globally or is registering at the US website going to provide problems locally further down the line?


    I think it is just the one website, and it automatically transfers you to your own country/language.


    But yeah, incredibly easy to set up, I didn't expect that! Used my NNID, and all my personal data was filled in correctly. Looks promising Nintendo!

  12. Done! Interesting to see that the platinum points are valid for six months, that feels rather short. So either you need to spend a lot of time playing to get enough points before they expire, or you don't need too many to get some nice rewards.

  13. Yeah, same here. Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites! (sounds familiar? ;)) Plus, you can win with virtually any teamuntil you go online or post-game.


    Pokémon X is the first title which really still holds some surprises for me since I haven't really followed this generation (and haven't looked up the fairy type effectivenesses). So I am now playing it (six badges and counting) using the nice Pokémon I am encountering and it is nice to be surprised. It surprises me for example that I am really digging Doublade, designwise I really disliked it when it came out but its move- and typeset are awesome. But I have to suppress my craving to try to form an ultimate team using the GTS. Only exception is the Dratini I got through the GTS, but hey, that is because nothing is cooler than the original dragon Dragonite.

  14. For a bit of fun, I thought it would be great for the N-Europe community to get their pens and papers out, MS Paint, Photoshop or whatever other means in order to design what form the NX controller should take, assuming it's a home console


    But what if it's not! I think it will be something like this, with streaming options to a TV/screen:




    Don't give me credits though, since I stole this image from Google. :D

  15. I'm getting Mighty Switch Force! 2 when it goes on sale. I really enjoyed part 1 (which I also bought on sale). Nice platformer with some innovative mechanics. I never heard of Steel Empire, I will check it out to see what it is. Oh yeah, I did buy Aeternoblade last week for €5,-. It's nice to have a mindless hacking and slashing Metroidvania kind of game to play as a break between all the RPGs and text heavy games.