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  1. iTunes on windows is some of the worst software I have ever used. Slow, bloated and clunky are understatements. I understand on apple hardware it's nice, but if you're using it on windows and think it's okay then you have low standards for software.
  2. Here's the imgburn guide you'll need.
  3. I would use imgburn to create audio CDs, because NEVER INSTALL ITUNES. Foobar2000 can mass convert audio files if you want to go to wav files first. The cda format just tells CD players where to find the WAV/PCM audio goodness.
  4. Funny Stuff Thread

    Just hangin' around being old.
  5. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Unless I've been missing something obvious for 5 years, you can't change it. It's all set to some European time - probably whatever Sweden is set to as that's where the developers were from originally.
  6. Ethical Conflicts

    Is there anything good about the company @Ashley? Any angle you can think about it that makes it okay? I work for a company that sells market research to pharma companies. Big money and medicine together makes me a little uneasy, but it's the way of the world. However, there's a positive spin on my work - we help pharma companies to target patient sub-populations more effectively so that people that would benefit from their drugs get their drugs. So ... it helps people ... too?
  7. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    BSO and Dragooooo have never played each other. Not even in a friendly. That's because we're not friendly teams. There is no friendship. Today we destroy Dragooooo.
  8. Rural vs Urban

    Most big supermarkets deliver these days too, and the delivery charge is not too expensive.
  9. What Have You Bought?

    Oh no, I'm just like @Murr - flinging money at tradespeople that can do stuff that I can't. Also, I have delicate hands. I just go to work, and hope stuff is done by the time I come home.
  10. Take us N-Ewhere!

    It was mentioned ages ago, somewhere, probably before you were smartphoned up. Quick, go re-read the forums to make sure you got everything you need.
  11. Youtube

    I use tags, that's enough I think. Though, as you guessed, my primary concern is not to generate outside traffic.
  12. Youtube

    Right now I'm aware of j7's post in the funny thread about self-promotion, but this fits so here I am. Most weeks my family and I get together on a Monday evening and make a little video aboutt he events of the previous week. I upload the video to youtube every week. We've been doing for about a year and a half now. I think there are a couple of plus points: Grandparents/aunts/uncles/etc that don't live near us like to see it. I think of it as a cool little project for the family. It's a nice record of events that have happened to us. It boosts my kids' confidence. My boy never really needed a confidence boost but I can see a difference in the weay my girl chats to the camera, and that's nice. I upload to then I link to it on (which automatically updates my twitter feed) and then I stick a link on Facebook. Ha, writing that makes it sound well overkill. Oh well.
  13. bad stuff thread.

    Just let everyone listen to your tunes/youtubing/etc! They'll love it. I promise.
  14. What Have You Bought?

    As in, the furniture was well suited to the property. Some of our stuff just doesnt work very well in the new place. We did up our last house too. You and I have different definitions of fun.
  15. What Have You Bought?

    I bought a house last Friday! I've left my nicely decorated, well furnished house and moved to a bigger house. But we got it cheap for a reason; everything needs updating. *crying*
  16. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    So pleased with the result today, and being second in the league is a treat. Next game is easy peasy too.
  17. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    I hate this game sometimes. I was robbed by a doubtful offside.
  18. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Mwuhahahahaha. Your teamwork values are a bit low in defense. It's surprising how much that hurts you.
  19. Funny Stuff Thread

    Give him his due though, the second is certainly racist. *no smiley*
  20. Breakfast.

    I'm not really a breakfast person, but I've found that if I eat it the exercise of the day goes better. Some days I feel a bit sick eating it, like I'm just not feeling ready for it at all, but I have to get up and help out with the school run, so I may as well make myself something while I feed the kids. It is a good breakfast: One banana 250ml of red grape juice 40g of ready brek (supermarket clone) with 200ml of semi-skimmed milk One handful of raisins and one tablespoon of syrup in the above. (I sometimes knock back an apple too.) That's three/four of my recommended five fruit/veg for the day sorted! I find it super filling and can last me until early afternoon, then I tend to eat a smaller lunch. I say smaller; I drink a pint of chocolate nesquik. I love it.
  21. Movember 2012

    The itching was awful, but what was more awful was having to explain to everyone why I looked like a douche. "Yes, yes, I know I look like an idiot." I just really wanted people to know that I didn't like it either, that I was aware.
  22. Movember 2012

    [Hipster] I did this in 2007, so it's at least in its 6th year. [/Hipster] Never again.
  23. Xpert 11 Season 24: Hours a day

    Someone challenge me to a friendly! (I'm not in the cup.)
  24. bad stuff thread.

    Three months notice would suck. Sorry dude. BUT ... my ex-boss was on a three month notice period and when he handed in his notice the MD wanted him out as quick as possible so he basically had a three month paid holiday.