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    sci-fi + fantasy and horror, history and politics, swimming and nature.


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    I am happiest when I can make my own character
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  1.'s absolutely cool by me! If you do ever get round to playing any of the games from the series I would actually really really appreciate your opinions on it as a newcomer, even if it's to an aged game!


    Interesting to see we're still relevant on searches though - as I said mostly people here are very lovely(Nintendo sub can get heated, I won't lie, hence why I said to deffo get in touch with me/mods if stuff comes up) but really it's a very unique vibe here I've found of all my years on tinternets and forums. Not sure if that's cos we're mostly British/European or what but yeah, once you get settled in I think you'll very much enjoy it. Please don't let anything that happens put you off without talking to us/me though, I know we've had a few incidents here and there that have made people disappear but it's a grand shame for what's largely a very good, well-knit, and loving community. One that I'd like everyone to feel welcome in and a part of :)