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    I am happiest when I can make my own character
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  1. Fairly understandable - tbh if I had to advise people these days I'd probably not, personally, recommend the Wii U unless it was really very close to their tastes. I ended up getting a PS4 in Sept/Oct last year after a long deliberation and seeing what Sony were doing with their business. The irony is that 10-15 years ago I absolutely hated Sony with a passion!! They've really turned themselves around imo tho.


    Also I'd have to ask you to enjoy your last few days on the forum, as I will promptly be banning you at 5pm this Friday afternoon for having never played a Zelda game. Absolutely terrible state of affairs!! Zelda's been quite unique over its years, but I don't know how good the last few offerings truly are/were. It's very difficult to be objective about something you've been attached to for so long - but I absolutely respect that people may not like them, and whilst a lot of Ninty people might not feel the same,...