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  1. [part 2]


    The video you linked.. The video maker commented on the used lens in the video, which was probably the 18-50mm. If you satisfied with this kind of quality, I’d just go with that kitlens. It has Image stabilisation, which will help in low-light conditions, when using a steady hand (and well, it’s useful in daylight as well ;)).


    Which leads me to another thing, you mentioned “over-the-shoulder” shots. I assume meaning following someone around at a walking pace. This will lead to a “shaky” video look, like Blair Witch and Cloverfield. Perhaps you want that. If you don’t, and prefer a more steady shot while walking, you’ll have to look at steadycams and rigs, which are expensive. That said, your kitlens has image stabilisation, which should already help with that, though I don’t know to what extent. For now I’d forget the steadycams, and use your kitlens as is. If you decide you need better stabilisation you can look into better options.


    [the end]