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  1. For fuck’s sake, again too long :rolleyes:


    Must.. Make.. Short..:


    First and foremost, a good tripod, with ballhead in case of video. In the high-end market, Manfrettos are all the rage, but you may not want to spend that much. But keep in mind, since a DSLR is lighter than a camcorder, you can make do with the cheaper ones.

    There is a specific Chinese brand of camera accessories, but I don’t know from the top of my head which one(s) or where to find them, I’ll ask around. I’d also get a gorillapod for the Zoom, if you’re getting that. If you’re not getting it right away, I’d use the money you’ll save on a good tripod. Also, obviously, the audio-recorder can make itself usefull outside of video production, so it’s an excellent investment.


    And this is probably just going to make you drool even more, but this site is excellent for cheap accessories for video: http://www.cheasycam.com