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  1. FIFA 09

    There's no comparison between FIFA and Pro Evo. I'm just glad it's on the Wii this generation seeing as Gamecube missed out last generation. The only thing I'd want from FIFA is the full rights to use club and player names.
  2. The House of The Dead: Overkill

    It's a game that appeals to the hardcore but is also accessible to the casual gamer. I think judgement should be reserved until more is revealed but it's not off to a bad start.
  3. The Resident Evil Series

    I have 0, 1 and 4 on Gamecube, finished and returned CV, big mistake. Have RE2 on N64. Only one I've never played or finished is 3. REmake is the scariest, RE4 is the best and CV the most underrated. I wouldn't mind completing the collection on Gamecube but I don't want to be ripped off on 2nd hand lazy ass ports from older computers. Even RE2 is the PS port when the N64 was the better version.
  4. Poll: Top 50 GC Games

    1. Zelda: Twilight Princess 2. Resident Evil 4 3. Tales of Symphonia 4. Metroid Prime 5. F-zero 6. Metal Arms: GITS 7. Viewtiful Joe 8. MGS: The Twin Snakes 9. POP: Sands of Time 10. Rogue Squadron II
  5. N-Europe 2008 Meetup!

    A message to "THE BARD". Please look at your PM's. I would like this sorted out soon.
  6. Metal Arms: Glitch In The System. Can't recommend this game enough. One of the best purchases I made on Gamecube. Really funny, great variety, weapons, multiplayer and a long game. Dan Castellina(spelling) from The Simpsons did some of the voicework. You can talk about Killer 7, Paper Mario & Pikmin 2 but this is a game that relatively few people know about but should and it's a real shame.
  7. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    Kaplan didn't give a good explanation of the meaning behind Wii, neither did Mat Attwood. It's not about you or me, it's about Wii. That's it? We're stuck with this crappy name for the next few years because of that!!!
  8. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    Originally Posted by Flameboy101 You moan about the name "Wii" but have you ever taken a look at your own screen name (i was wondering how long it would take for some1 to call themself "wii") I just wanted to take it before anyone else got it. If the name's official I can't change it but I'll voice my opinion. You didn't see an uproar when they called it a revolution because you could see the reasoning but when they call it Wii they have to use a long statement to explain it meaning. It's crap and you can see the uproar across all boards.
  9. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    Why did they take so long to release such a retarded name? What could the competition figure out from such a crap name? Why give it such a cool codename only to take it away and replace it with PISS!!! This name will not appeal to casual gamers. Just say it out loud or imagine asking for it in a shop and it sounds stupid. Sure the logo looks kinda alright but even all the fake logos looked cool!
  10. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    When I first saw the name I didn't know whether it was pronounced "W 2" or "why". On the official website it had to say how it was pronounced.