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  1. Tiberian Sun > you

    You're not, I second it. The original RA still rocks and every time I have 10 minutes on the computer that I don't know what to do with, I play a skirmish with a random map/enemy/country/colour on RA2.
  2. Tobbacco takes it in the pooper....

    Don't smoke, tried it to look cool, wasn't into it, don't do it.
  3. deviantart anyone?

    Thanks for the fav Ray! I'd look at others' work but right now a. my pc's hooked up to a tv not a monitor and the image is too poor and b. i just bought some comics from ebay and they arrived *runs off gleefully*
  4. deviantart anyone?

    Find me at http://whatshortydid.deviantart.com - feel free to friend/watch me. My fave works are the featured and most recent items.
  5. Your top 5 songs of the moment

    1. Lifehouse - Everything 2. Rise Against - Swing Life Away 3. Thrice - Stare At the Sun (Acoustic) 4. Fuel - Falls on Me 5. Danzig - Can'tspeak The first four are amazing, I would absolutely reccomend them to anyone, the fifth is just in my head right now.
  6. Lovin the new look

    That's been discussed to death guys... it's actually quite easily solved.
  7. Who do you think you are?

    Some kind of Superstar.
  8. See The Controller In Action (RECOMENDED)

    Those wondering how to play more traditional games should note that a "regular controller" extension has been suggested for the extension half of the thing.
  9. Cool Vbulletin feature.

    Yknow in C-E about 50 people basically turned a thread into a "down with postcounts!" thread, and now here you all are complaining :P I like the mouseover thread feature, although am used to it from other forums ^^;
  10. Changing the design wouldn't be that hard, at the least editing the title in a psd file, at the most new colours, new logo. I'm pretty sure Tim bought several URL's just in case anyway so one more wouldn't hurt. Regardless, it was codenamed revolution for a reason, and the sitename would still be appropriate anyway.
  11. Tutorials and Help

    Thanks for copying this across F_L, I sticked it and if anyone has any suggestions to add please post them here and they'll be put in the top post if appropriate!