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  1. How do i get a girlfriend?

    Insulting in introductory sentence not reccomended.
  2. Bizarre

    Magazines are just overpriced extremely limited internet access.
  3. British humour or American humour?

    Brass Eye... Paedogeddon, a classic which will never die... just remembering the jokes makes me giggle even years later. No American satire could ever dare do that....
  4. Mario and iPod

    Nice work guys, I would suggest tracing mario with a pen tool to make a sharp silhouette and some crisp anti-aliasing on the text to make it look a little smoother
  5. Only The Power Of Prayer Can Save You!

    I hate the phrase 'a gothic', you can't use 'a' with an adjective, 'a gothic person', 'a goth' - fair enough. That just gets on my nerves. Learn how to write... old people!!
  6. I'm in the US with Sattelite, there's a channel called G4 and it actually doesn't suck. The main reviews show, X-Play, is hilarious.
  7. Its-a-me-a-mario

    Love your style, but a single pixel border will never go out of style. Also the filesize is a bit too much? You could shed 30KB without noticing a thing. I doubt you intended to make the same thread twice, so I took the liberty of removing the duplicate I intended to change that when the thread first surfaced but I couldn't get the forum working....
  8. On C-E how long did u log on for?

    I never once in 3.5 years paid attention to that box.
  9. Designers & Macs

    Weell... I think Macs are highly overrated, and simply used for design, highly overpriced. Just because you don't want to wait 15 seconds to flip between PS and Illy or because your 3D landscapes don't render instantaneously does not, personally, justify buying a mac. However, if you're a designer, you might be swayed to buy one simply because the hardware and OS in a Mac itself, is well designed and cool looking. Personally I would only ever buy something that is as versatile as my needs are, that is I want to run as many different compatible applications as possible. Unless I was rich and already owned a top of the range PC running Windows, I would not buy a Mac, no matter how smoothly I want Adobe's Creative Suites to run (which, incidentally, I would have to be extremely rich to own in the first place).
  10. GC causes TV flickering?

    Those two giant images aren't really your signature are they?? They have got to go :/ My old TV had the same issues, new TV, no probs.
  11. Hey everyone, I'd appreciate any help anyone can hurl my way regarding this matter. When I moved here for my gap year, I got my hands on an NTSC Gamecube and a few American games. Problem is when I play them, I get some really bad sound issues. The sound issues are strangely unspecific. For example in Resi 0, all sound makes loud crackles, but in X-Men Legends, during an FMV, any music, explosive sound effects or voices make really loud crackling, yet in-game sfx and voices have no problems. I've checked the red and white sockets, cleaned them, tried routing them through the dvd player and vcr instead of straight to the TV, no change. The ports and wires don't seem to be the problem because the DVD player alone has no issues, and I've tried with my PAL scart cable too, with the same crackling. This infernal snap, crackle and/or pop makes all the games less enjoyable, as I'm not too fond of gaming in mute. I've googled a bit, to no real result, any suggestions from anyone here? Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. Help needed! GC sound crackling.

    Naw but turning down game volume helped just great Offers thanks. Now here's hoping all companies bothered to put in game volume control... I don't think Nintendo usually puts it in their Zelda titles
  13. How do I dump a girlfriend?

    Not so great if your friends are her friends....
  14. British humour or American humour?

    Living in America now, I'm beginning to turn to enjoy more humour in shows like Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy, Cheers, Friends - but I think when the British do it well, they do it best
  15. Conor, man, 'sorry' seems empty but it's all I have to dish out. My girlfriend has been through the same thing before she was with me and she said she was like a zombie for a long time afterwards, you gotta be there for each other and I'm certain you'll have happy days again.
  16. Help needed! GC sound crackling.

    Possible, but the TV is fairly new, and there are no issues with regular tv channels or DVDs. I'm going to try simply adjusting the game volume like Offers suggested (thanks ) as soon as I get a chance, although I can't see that explaining why in one game movies crackle whilst in-game sounds do not....
  17. Trojan Horseshit

    Some people probably want to avoid wiping everything just to get back on the internet :P And I don't think that Winsock XP fix is going to help for win 98. Is there any detailed errors or anything? How do you know some dll files are missing? Perhaps you could take some spyware/antivirus prog with you....
  18. Website needed! GET PAID!

    This should've been posted in the Creative Board. Then I would've spotted it yesterday and drawn you up a template. I do have a template already for a comic I nearly started with someone which I could code for you for cheap. As aforementioned easiest way to have it easily updatable is make sure you get hosting with a MySQL database and php enabled, then I would set it up so you simply fill in a few fields per update and you're home free. PM me if you're still looking by the time you read this, and I'll show you the template.
  19. Stickcricket

    Broadband how I miss you :'( Edit: oh my, that game sucks :/
  20. If they're hidden after adding icons, right click your taskbar, deselect lock the taskbar and double click on the divider between the quick launch bar and your open programs to expand the toolbar.
  21. Stars catalogue updated!

    3 games on there when I got in, already got 2 and played SSBM too much to waste my stars on them. Started building my stars since the Gamecube's release date, seems a shame to blow them on that... so I'm being tight and hanging on to them again.
  22. At the moment

    Playing City of Heroes, hearing Lifehouse, watching Smallville Season 5 and Batman Begins.
  23. French

    I had to do one month of French before I moved schools to somewhere crap that only did one language subject instead of two. I could've aced German, was top of the class, instead I end up in a school that doesn't even teach higher German, only foundation, barely scrape a C because none of the class ever paid attention and not one teacher we had is slightly capable.
  24. Who has GCSE/A levels?

    I've got 3 A's 5 B's and a C in GCSE, an A, 2 B's and a C in A-Level.
  25. Could Anybody make a Avatar for me??

    Yep I didn't notice, I had hit reply before yours appeared.