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  1. New NOM

    On first appearance the magazine is very sleek, it's a got a "first issue sheen" about it (which I doubt will be kept up). But there's one huge problem with it that I can't bring myself to forgive: it's official. It's all blatant Nintendo advertising. Everything Nintendo does will always be perfect and wonderful. The news section is a joke, it's just propaganda for Nintendo, it even has a piece how GameCube is outselling 360 in Japan but doesn't mention the other consoles. To my horror it even bashed the PSP ("people are getting bored with their handheld movie-player"), it's comments like that that remind me of the old NOM. I need magazine that tells it like it is and doesn't twist everything to Nintendo's advantage, I don't need to be told that "I must have this" and "I need one of these" just because it comes from Nintendo. I'm sticking with NGC, even though it's shrinking. Howver the previews section is admittedly very nice.
  2. New NOM

    Ouch. The latest issue of NGC has really taken a hit in production costs. It's now made of cheap, thin paper and held together with two staples. Half of the staff have migrated to the new NOM too. I can't see it continuing, the new official magazine has sucked up all it's cash. I do have high hopes for NOM now though. It descended into completely moronity over tte last few years but now they've got a bunch of respected writers in there (Jes, Tim and Mark "Greener" Green, woohoo) I'm expecting big things. If the writing style follows that of NGC it'll go down well with me. Seeing as I work in WH Smith the new issue may come in with the deliveries tommorow, if it does I may have to infiltrate the stock room (which won't be hard, at all).