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  1. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Well deserved, congrats GG! Story expansion in the works.
  2. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Finished and platinumed! Incredible game, was dragging my heels finishing it as I didn't really want it to end. Loved the story, combat and the world they created. I don't usually buy single player DLC but if they gave us new machines to fight I probably wouldn't be able to resist!
  3. Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Multiplayer gameplay trailer So who's getting this on PS4?
  4. Horizon: Zero Dawn

  5. NieR: Automata (2017)

    So this looks like it's reviewing really high as well, I have to say I did enjoy the demo. The games won't stop coming this year!
  6. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Yeah, skills really change up the combat. Hunter reflexes and concentration are good early ones as they allow you to do more stuff on the fly with the slo mo. Slide - craft ammo - aim - bullseye a watcher, feels good! Tinker is a good skill to work towards in the future.
  7. Horizon: Zero Dawn

  8. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Absolutely loving this game! Been taking things pretty slow, doing side quests, errands, collectibles as I go and doing hunting grounds when I come across them which are good place to try out new weapons and hone your skills with combat. Ive really found a groove with the combat now, having the right outfit,weapons,traps can make the difference and the crafting is so fast mid battle it really adds to the fluidity of the combat. Finally on my way to Meridian now and I'm yet to fast travel as traversing through this world is just to beautiful. @Daft was that a cauldron? Great aren't they, a real departure from the outside world.
  9. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Just played an hour as well, graphics are incredible, can't believe its running on an OG playstation. Be interested to hear impressions of what it looks like on the Pro. Oh and photo mode is amazing!
  10. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Shopto have shipped mine as well, can't wait! Hopefully it arrives tomorrow as lots of spoilers out there.
  11. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Not long to wait now.
  12. Destiny

    Yeah count me in.
  13. Destiny

    Count me in.
  14. Destiny

    Yeah I can raid tomorrow.
  15. Destiny

    I'm free Sunday and Monday.
  16. Destiny

    Would prefer to do another night if possible, just got in from work and I'm back out in a bit and won't be home till gone 9. Not sure I'll feel like raiding to be honest but I'll step in if you're desperate to do tonight.
  17. Destiny

    Wouldn't be able to start on Thursday till 9pm, can do most other nights.
  18. Destiny

    Yeah I can raid tonight, can run my hunter if people want switch things up.
  19. Destiny

    Yeah I'll be on later, probably from 4/5ish.
  20. Destiny

    @MilaGi just messaged me saying he can do tonight. He'll be on about 7.30.
  21. Destiny

    Yeah I'm free tomorrow night, no problem.
  22. Destiny

    I can raid tonight.
  23. Destiny

    Yeah, still in for tonight.