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  1. Wii U and Virgin Media

    Ok i feel a bit foolish now. I got home and changed the channel from 6 to 1 and although it drops every now and again the connection is pretty stable. 15 SSID's come up when it searches for wireless so i guess most of them are on channel 6. I've downloaded super metroid and 3 other demo's from the eShop with little bother. oh and the 3.01 update whatever that does. I'll hold on to the cable modem for a few days just to make sure all is ok.
  2. Wii U and Virgin Media

    I unplugged the SH straight away but it didn't seem to work. I've been looking for some software to check the wifi channels but apparently (please correct me if I'm wrong) Apple have banned such apps. I also use a MacBook. If anyone knows software I can use I'd be grateful. I have just purchased a cable/modem thingy. I'll keep it in the box and try every last option before I plug it in. Anyway I won't be doing anything until after the Xbox reveal in less than an hour
  3. Wii U and Virgin Media

    Oh well didn't last long. I came back after a weekend away and the connection is worse than it was before. I can't even add funds to eShop to purchase super metroid. It keeps on crapping out. Looks like i'll have to get a router and put the virgin crap hub into modem mode (i haven't a clue what to do mind). By me doing this will it affect the other connections in the house, apart from having a new SSID and password. Cheers from a very frustrated Wii U owner
  4. Wii U and Virgin Media

    Ok, i got home and tried the settings that madeinbeats suggested earlier and so far so good I tried my Wii U when i got in but was getting the same disconnect problems. I updated the advanced settings (only the the IP address in DMZ needed entering all the other settings were correct) and rebooted the SH and all seems fine. No disconnects from Miiverse, eShop, or the street map app. Fingers crossed it stays this way. Thanks for all the help, suggestions i received in a short space of time. I may celebrate by getting Lego City Undercover
  5. Wii U and Virgin Media

    Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what type of router i'd need. Any advice on what to get?
  6. Wii U and Virgin Media

    madeinbeats, Thank you for the detailed reply. When i get back home i'll try what you've suggested. I'll have a search for that channel app now. I have an iPhone so i hope there is an equivalent program for it. cheers
  7. Wii U and Virgin Media

    Having recently got my Wii U basic I had trouble connecting to my Virgin superhub. I followed the guide on he Nintendo on how to connect to the SH and it worked. My problem is my Wii U can't sustain an Internet connection. It constantly disconnects. I get various error codes and can't use eShop or Miiverse sometimes. I've taken the Wii U to my girlfriends house and tried it on her sky 2.5mb connection. It works flawlessly with no disconnects. Is there anyway to stabilise the connection between a Wii U and virgin SH? All my other devices (ipad,3DS, 360, PS3 etc) work without any problems. I can't move the machine closer to the router either. Thanks in advance