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  1. Hi Beni,


    Been a while, but hope you are all set-up with the adapters you needed. How's the WiiU going for you- plugged in yet?


    My adapters still haven't arrived, and they have been stuck in Holland for quite a while, nearly 2 weeks. So, I'm losing a bit of hope, but will wait until Friday, which will make it 3 weeks, before I decide to do anything else. I found some sellers on ebay selling the US adapter for the WiiU console at about US$20 (not including postage).


    Love the idea of the Nyko triple charge battery for the Gamepad, I may well be tempted with that when I'm set-up. I have bought 4 games with the console, ZombiU, Batman AC, NintendoLand and Tank Tank Tank (for my son, who's more impatient than I am to fire it up).


    Will write if any news,