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  1. Lets use our emails instead of this N-Europe to send messages, cause Its just silly having to write in several messages. :P my e-mail: [email protected]

    and my nintendo id?.. im Im not wrong, should be this: xX-Beni-Xx

  2. (cont)

    In ZombiU, its cool you can select your weapon, and go to your backpack and that kind of things while on the tv you never stop playing.. but what happens? you get killed, while watching the gamepad screen! :P


    I guess its a new way of playing, and it takes time to get used to.


    what I hate?... I received the New Super Mario Bros U yesterday, and the first thing the console does when you insert the CD, is... "Update" (not the console.. but the game! or something!), so It took 5 min. + 1-2 of installation. I mean, when I insert the game for the first time, you are wishing to play and discover what you got! but the only thing you got is an Update screen on the gamepad, an you have to wait!


    Something that didnt work as expected is the youtube app, while just using the gamepad. you cant watch the vids. But theres something strange, just go to the browser, go into youtube, and it works flawlessly! ;)


    Netflix is cool... do you have it?, hows your setup?

  3. Hi Lee!,


    I just saw you got the adapters today! :) Congrats man!... yes I was very anxious of it being stuck on Amsterdam!... wow, 2 weeks there, without any reason! just plain crazy. Im sure its the norwegian post office that sent it there, and didnt want to care more of it.


    I was in fact going to contact them yesterday, but when I checked again, it was in Taipei! :) so I didnt call or emailed them.


    Yes Im all setup now, and having a couple of games at home for the Wii U here (Nintendo Land + New Super Mario Bros U), and even bought 4 more games and they being on their way, I did download the demo of ZombiU before I get mine.


    I have mixed experiences from it... sometimes Im thinking some game developers may work to hard of implementing the gamepad screen, while I would love to just turn it off, and play the game as always, just watching on tv. But then, of course there are things that are cool of the gamepad too! :P

  4. Hi there Lee,


    Sorry I didnt replied before, but this n-europe site is kind of faulty... each time I log in (well when I visit the page, it automatically log in), it says Private Messages: 0 so I dont do anything.. and today I was going to write you, so I clicked and see "Your Notifications: 2" ! wtf? :P


    Well the Post office here in my country are incompetent! I was here that day, and I checked aswell on the tracking, and it said it was out for delivery.. so I tought, great! today I´ll get it. But suddenly it was noon and nothing!.. office closed, and when I checked the site it said, that no one was home, but they left a note for me to pick it up at the office. (just once, not twice as on your tracking page, strange)

  5. I couldnt that day, nor the day after.. but yesterday (9th) I was and asked them why is it, they do this sometimes!.. (once I heard the car outside, and went to the door, and nothing, the office just drove away!) :S At the office, they told me, that it was strange, but when I search on the web, it seems Im not the only one experiencing this.


    So anyhow... I was there yesterday and picked it up! and was angry for the service (let the office lady know), so.. today morning, I received a "note" saying that they where here the 7th, but no one was home, and that I could come to pick it up on the office!! <-- I did the day before!!

  6. Crazy dumb norwegian post office workers! haha.


    Well.. to the important!: No, I haven´t tried it yet, still waiting for the adapters. I do have as I told you the Travel Smart Conair TS253AD, that serves me as both a simply adapter and a converter (step-down or up), but Im afraid of using it, cause on all descriptions on ebay or other shops it says theres two modes: the converter: converts from 120VAC to 230VAC and the adapter mode: just adapts from 120 to 120 (well 110 to 110), so Im afraid it doesnt adapt from 220 to 220 (or 230 or 240... variables you know)


    So I mailed the company and are awaiting reply ;) if not... I just have to wait to get the adapters, they arrived today my country, so tomorrow 11th they go out from the capital, arrive next day (sat 12th) to the biggest country near me (35km only), but I will have to wait until monday then! Anyways.. glad they are here by then... and not stuck in some office around the world.

  7. Your adapters (from me), seems to be stuck in "Amsterdam"!!.. grrrr.. has been there since the 4th, so tomorrow will be a week! Im guessing they are already in Taiwan, but still hasn't been proccessed. Crossing fingers for you.


    Will let you know when I plug the thing! ;) I´ve read online, that firstly "we should" charge the gamepad before even syncing it to the console for the very first time, but some users say that they plug it and do all the registrationg of the wii, while gamepad is connected.


    Aswell as the Pro Controller, also recommended to fully charge it first. So I may do that first of all, even if newer batteries shouldnt have that depletion/charging issue as those old ones, but still.. in case :P

  8. Yesterday was checking the wii U manual!! :P (thats new on me, reading a manual?) :P but yes.. I saw something not so good though, it stated that the gamepads battery will lose 30% of its charge after 500 recharges.. in other words a fully charged gamepad will last 30% less after 500 charges. (500 charges would be aprox. two years of use, of course, depending a lot here though), and if it stays alive for 3.5 hours now, in lets say two years it will last only 2 hours each time!


    Theres a lot of complain about battery life, so we may be seeing lots of replaceable batteries on ebay soon (with greater capacity), theres one company that already has come out with one (or is coming) that will triple todays capacity.. from 3.5 to 10.5 hours. <-- thats a lot better ;) and only $24.99USD



  9. I´ve buyed lots of games for the Wii U already: New Super Mario U, CoD Black Ops 2, Assassins Creed 3, Batman: Arkham City and ZombiU + Nintendo Land that came with the console: 6 games! (before I got the console!) :P


    I believe on my SNES I got a total of 10 games in 3 years or so :P


    The reason I buyed so many, is because, the price of the console + all games + pro controller + wiimote plus and nunchuck came at the same price, as the console here in norway with just nintendo land! :P (or something like it, but very close)


    I buyed the wii game: Super Smash Bros Brawl and a 2gb sd card, that will be handy too :P (got an external HD with 20 wii games too) ;)



    what about you?.. did you got any titles already? and are thinking of homebrew?

  10. btw. Im mailing with a wholesale supplier of console games, and maybe I will be able to get some games for a good price to resell, I´ll let you know if I´ll be getting PAL titles. (as they are from USA, and probably may only be ntsc what they offer... will see).


    Are you interested in some titles already, I could try to ask the supplier immediately.


    I was first thinking of just buying games on the e-shop, but then I started thinking.. Im getting them even some $ cheaper with shipping included, and I know that one day I could sell them used, or if Im selling the console, beeing ntsc in europe, I would be better selling the games with it. Thats not possible with those digitally downloaded, and that suck!


    Only bad side of physical discs, is that I have to go to the console and change discs, instead of just chilling on the sofa and clicking on the gamepad :P



    Talk to you later,


  11. Wii U AC Adapter/Gamepad AC Adapter

    Thanks to you too @londragon now lets wait and cross fingers that everything work as expected To @DVS you never know, but it could appear someone looking for a trade anytime.. Though, check ebay as soon I guess it will appear third party adapters, or check with Nintendo's website in your country, they may have or will have soon the adapters available. And if you cant wait, check ebay for some adapter with voltage transformer. Btw.. You should need just one (console), cause the gamepad can be charged via usb from console (or a computer if you have) Good luck!
  12. Hi Lee,


    I thought I had sent you a reply, but it doesnt appear here :(


    Happy New Year! (some days late now).


    Funny how it happened to both of us, almost the same, in the post office!. Though yours are kind and give you a better shipment option for free (or for what you already had payed), while mine, they had given me a wrong price and I had to pay the rest.. they didnt take their responsibility.


    Well.. glad that our adapters are on its way! Its kind of hard to see the Wii U box besides me and cant do anything with it! :P I believe you may feel pretty much the same! ;)


    See you on the WiiU soon.. for sure!


    Im new to all this Wii thing (never owned a console since the SNES back then), but Im pretty much a PC/MAC freak! :P so I hope the learning curve with the online thingy will go smooth :P


    Keep you informed!



  13. Hi there :)


    My outer delivery box was in pristine condition, aswell as the nintendo box.. I buy quite a lot online, mostly from ebay (china and usa) and have never experienced any box damage. (well once, but that was a norwegian shoe company, the box had been in rough handling, it had even holes in it!... but no shoes was harmed!) :P glad it was shoes!


    I´ve heard that the wii u isnt fixed on any location.. not even being from one country or another, it ask you where you are, and depending on what country you say you live in, the eshop works accordingly. Thats why a lot of people in Europe, buying the console overseas (USA), are registering on Brazil (allowing them to use their visa, cause brazil accepts all), or register in the USA and then having to buy credits on ebay... <-- not a problem, but will keep you from impulse shopping! :P and that doesnt need to be a bad thing..

  14. Someone in Spain told me that the 10% is all ok, as long as I put USA as my country in the eShop.


    What they told me is that I should register it as Brazil or USA, and never as Norway or any other european country!.. or the games downloaded from the eShop would automatically be Pal, and the console wont play them! (wouldnt be a problem if I didnt intend to buy online, but if games are cheaper online, I will get them there)



    We both soon can check it out, and try our things :P


    what about the homebrew scene?... something to try? or should we stay against that? :P



  15. oh!.. btw, I just buyed from ebay and from China this plug adapters I guess Im gonna need with your adapters:




    Are you going to need something like it? (different I guess)



  16. Hi there, no problem :)


    glad you found an online tracking.. I use on the iphone USPS to track from everywhere.


    Thw Wii U Gamepad Zapper, will be nice for some games, but I doubt it will fit all. Im planning to play some old Wii games so those aren´t playable with the gamepad.



    How are you going to register the Wii U on the Nintendo eShop?... I´ve heard that Brazil does allow using the US store and pay with Visa card.. and thats a viable option for me, as games downloaded will be NTSC as my console. If I register it as North American, I will have to buy Nintendo points on ebay to buy on the eShop, cause my Visa isnt from US, so they wont accept it.


    But in Taiwan?, what system you use? PAL? NTSC-J?, cause your console is from UK (Pal) so you would maybe need to register it somewhere else as well.



    Will wait for the tracking nr.



    Thanks again to you too! ;)


  17. Btw I hope you mark it as gift amd a low value of aprox 15-25 usd! ;)

  18. Habe little time to write but here is the tracking number:







  19. Sounds great Lee! :)



    I´ll do the same... sending it tomorrow (friday) morning (well today already).


    Now lets see how long it will take on both ends!... will be (i hope) fun to watch both trackings! :)


    What do you think so far, of the gamepad?... I really like it, its big and we have to live with the "Turn on the TV and the Wii U console..." until we get our adapters :) but I have already buyed (and received) the newest wii controller with motion plus integrated and nunchuck + the new Wii U gamepad, and Im about to buy a couple of Wii-Weapons! :P


    thinking of this ones:


    Scorpion Vii ->


    and the




    any experience with any of those, or anything like it?



    I´ll be sending you a message tomorrow with the tracking number. ;)



  20. (cont.)




    Anyhow, if you still want to do the trade, Im good for it... its expensive but having the original thing is still better! thats for sure. :)


    Just tell me, and I´ll be at my post office today (if they are open full day... but I dont think they are), so.. tomorrow in the morning will be better for me as Im free from work :)



    :) Any news on your side? do you know how much it would be for you to send to norway?



  21. Hi there Lee,


    Just got an email of the post office saying that it is ready for shipping, but because of the rush days they misinformed me on the price, and it is a total of: 2080 Taiwanese New Dollars (used the xe.com converter)


    Isnt that way to overkill? I know norway is expensive, but this is just plain crazy! (I paid for the console and shipping from US to norway a total of 12300 TWD..) :P


    the thing is, of course its better to have the original ac power adapters, but the only thing we really would need is something like the "Travel Smart Conair TS253AD" <- I got one already and that one is running my 110v US microphone preamp on my 220-240 wall ac power, without any problems. The Gamepad can be charged via USB from the Console, I´ve heard.

  22. Hi there,


    Been very busy the last days... you know how its christmas here (same as uk), the stores are ambushed every day, and everything is slooow aswell. I did send the adapters to you yesterday but was told by the post office, that because of christmas traffic they couldnt just send it off that fast, so I will receive the tracking number via email as soon as it has departed. They said that it will be on its way monday, so i guess it starts monday and it wont come out from norway before wednesday or thursday, and from there it would take 1 to 2 weeks to reach to you. (of course depending how taiwan post to their part when it arrives there of course)


    So, lets just cross fingers and hope its doesnt take to long!


    Will send you the tracking nr. as soon they send it!


    Got 2 go, to work! :(

    Bye, and merry christmas for you and yours, even if taiwan has holidays all wrong :P

  23. Hi all, Im new to the Wii U (just buyed on ebay), and my last console was the Super Nintendo 16bit (back in 1993!), so... I did buy the Wii U 32gb, + Wii Remote Plus + Nunchuck.. and plan on getting the Pro Controller when its available. Now, the console and the gamepad has their own stand, but were can I find a combo stand for my remote plus + nunchuck + pro controller, that act as a charger at the same time? and that its black to match the whole thing? I know there is several chargers stand to hold the wii u gamepad, + 2/3/4 remotes, and some for the nunchuks as well, and there is a stand charger for 2 remotes or a stand for 2 pro controllers. But, do I really need to buy 2-3 holders and have empty bays cause I just have one of each? Let me know if you find something, and where I can find it. Thanks in advance. Found this right now... ok, it may not be just perfect but could work. www dot yuyuansz dot com/pichtml/Multifunction-Stand-for-Wii-U-GamePad-and-Wii-Remote_1005 dot html But this wont charge, thats kind of dumb, needing to have this and having the remotes and the gamepad on the charger.. hmm. Still going to search around. It must be something just thought out for those who want 1 of each accessory.
  24. Wii U Accessories Stand

    Yes, I did see that one, but that looked even more cumbersome than not having anything :P and if I recall correctly, I believe it didnt have a slot for the nunchuk or pro controller and probably wasnt for charging either, so you would still need chargers. Thanks for looking around though. Thanks for the tip, I may go (if I dont find anything better) for the one you linked at game (.co.uk), cause the norwegian store aint going to sell it, if the console doesnt sell that much here.. Who knows. Well it says it holds two remote and the gamepad, and the pro controller! <-- but is more like gamepad or controller, and not both at the same time. No place for the nunchuck and will have an empty remote slot cause Im just going to have one, I believe. Still the ultimate Wii U charger station/stand would be one that could fit the gamepad, 1 pro controller, 1 remote with nunchuck (and yes the remote should fit even having a silicone case, and should charge all that needs to be charged via induction. And should be available in a black version aswell as I white one. Lets keep looking! It will appear sooner or later I think..
  25. Hi Londragon,


    Thanks for the reply, and yes! I will still be interested then! ;) cause Im exactly on the same boat, buyed the console via ebay yesterday and was probably sent today (well yesterday saturday or will be on monday), and I expect it will take same amount of time as yours.


    Keep me informed when you receive it, I will aswell.