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  1. 2-3 times more powerful than Gamecube, now basically confirmed

    People should lighten up about the tech specs. Nintendo has been around long enough to know what they are doing. They've had the technically superior consoles, but more power does not mean jack. We all know that really. The Revolution will be powerful enough to satisfy 9/10 of us. Think double/triple of Resi 4 and Twilight Princess. More than good enough. History tells us that developers take a while if ever to harnest the full potential of consoles. Only a handful of games can genuinely say that they have pushed the GC to its limits. I think the Revolution will have no problem looking better than the launch titles of the xbox 360. Having the horsepower is one thing. Utilising it is another. Resident Evil 4, Twilight Princess, Maybe the Metroid games, Star Fox Adventures, and maybe F-Zero GX. Not many others have. Think game studios - Namco is a good example. Not a graphic whore for sure. Tales of Symphonia, Baten Kaitos, Star Fox Assault, Donkey Konga, Ridge Racer Revolution - none even come close to pushing the GC's graphical musle. Silicon Knights Eternal Darkness, and Twin Snakes could have been much better visually. If we look at the actual games, which ones actually require lifelike visuals. Not Mario, not sonic, not pacman, not monkey ball, not ikaruga, not pikmin, not fifa, not iss, not street fighter. You get the idea. Perhaps 90% of games will not need the power.
  2. The Official Fire Emblem Thread

    I got mine from CDWOW by Nectar Points redemption. They are quite slow, though I found out the game shipped from Hong Kong, so that is why it takes so long. Can't complain too much I guess for not paying for it. The game is brilliant, I've rarely been so hooked on a game. I literally play the game for 3 or 4 hours a time, because some of the battles require quite a bit of strategy and planning. I'm on Chapter 20 and played for nearly 40 hours already. And that doesn't include the 5 or 6 times i messed up and restarted chapters. Must buy for sure. Miles better than Advance Wars.
  3. Baten Kaitos Origins Official Thread

    I finally completed the 1st one about a month ago and thought it was well brilliant. I'm not holding my breath for the 2nd though, until we have a firm release date for Europe. I'm very sceptical about it being released here. Unless Nintendo is publishing it themselves.
  4. The Official Fire Emblem Thread

    I will get this at some point but not now. i have played though Tales of Symphonia, and almost completed Baten Kaitos, and not really ready for another long game as i got others to get back to like Vietiful Joe 2, MP: Echoes, and Resi 4. But I will get it at some point.
  5. Tales of Symphonia Official Thread

    i completed this excellent game. everyone not tried it should buy it.
  6. Baten Kaitos Official Thread

    talk about finishing a game. i really couldn't do that, wouldn't have the patience no matter how much i like it.
  7. Gamecube Tribute...R.I.P- Best Moments

    i think this is a bit premature. the gamecube has a lot more moments to come, and we all know the best is yet to come.
  8. Baten Kaitos Official Thread

    I am nearing the end of this game. some people seem pretty hardcore with their character levels. I seem to be on about level 50 for most of my characters. And thats been playing normally, with a decent amount of battles, and not really skipping or rushing through anything. I kinda want it to go on, but also want to complete it as it's taken a big chunk of my life recently, some 50 hours no less. And I reckon there's another 5 - 10 hours left in it yet. I have to say the game started rather slowly but really does pick up on the 2nd disk. The story has more than a few twists and turns, and the characters really get developed later on. To fully appreciate how good a game this is, you will have to persist and be patient with it. I did find it a bit lacking at first, but it is really good when your party starts get strong. The Music in this game is just brilliant. Like Tales of Symphonia it adds so much emotion and atmosphere and you get a real epic feel. The voice acting is good in parts but mostly rubbish, though i still prefer it over just having text. Kalas, especially is really good. I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes rpgs, or looking for a long quest. But be prepared to put the time in because you won't really like it to begin with. At the end this is a brilliant game. Arguably the best on Gamecube, though Tales, might just shade it for being more consistent throughout.