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  1. If it's anything like Android 2.1+ on a bigger screen (plus the obvious media features that they'll all have) then I don't really see how it can be lacking (except compared to Windows 7, as that's a full PC OS).


    I would argue that Android would actually be better than Windows 7 on a tablet. Android is at least optimised for touch. I would never in a million years want Windows 7 on a tablet and I'm not just saying that as a Mac user.

  2. right ok...hmmmm so perhaps saving up the money is more worth it. The one I have from work is a 32GB last gen and seems to run fine so don't want something that won't run as well as that.


    Yeah you're definitely better off saving up for the new 8gb one for £210. It sounds like storage isn't what you're after so definitely the best option for you. I noticed a massive difference playing Worms on my iPhone 3G compared to my iPhone 4 which is the jump you would pretty much be making. It was unplayable on 3G.


    Plus you're getting the retina display which is a fantastic screen, which makes the old ones look really blurry. Games like Doodle Jump that have been optimised look amazing.


    If it was storage as well as gaming you were after I'd say maybe get the last gen 32gb one, but you'll never fill up 8gb with games so I'd say go for that one.

  3. For 3rd gen id only read about/seen 8gb (as you said, not the same hardware), 32gb and 64gb


    Yeah just looked on Amazon and you're correct. The 4th gen 8gb might not be that much more expensive and you'll get even better hardware as the 8gb is the same as the rest this time around. If you don't need the storage, and you're buying it for games then the better hardware might be the better option for you.

  4. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/gaming/news/a275787/chu-chu-rocket-coming-to-iphone-ipad.html



    This is awesome news, I used to love Chu Chu Rocket on the DC and ive been waiting for someone to port it.







    This is awesome news, I used to love Chu Chu Rocket on the DC and ive been waiting for someone to port it.


    I didnt know there was a 16gb 3rd gen iPod?


    Is it 32gb?

  5. Ok so two issues/things/questions I'm posting in here!


    So firstly just before xmas I was planning on getting an iphone which I didn't get in the end, but with some left money from an itunes voucher I had bought some apps...flight control, mecho wars and one other which name escapes me...yet now they have vanished from my apps tab...I've gone into the store and picked flight control and it still has a price on it so is it free or not again?


    Also I've been trialing an ipod touch last gen for work and am amazed by the large amount of cheap awesome games there are on it as a platform. So I'm thinking what is the cheapest most useable way I should go for buying one for gaming? 2nd Gen touch 8GB seems to be the most viable option? I'm not so bothered about multitasking but that still support gamecenter right? whats the cheapest ipod that does support multitasking out of curiosity?


    If you have bought apps on an iTunes account, you can redownload them again for free.

    As for the iPod, you would probably be better off getting a 16gb 3rd gen one, as you will find noticeably better performance on games, and they will look better in a lot of cases. These are also the ones that do multitasking. The 8gb 3rd gen models used the old hardware.

  6. Well, it arrived! Can't believe how amazing the screen is and how responsive the device is! Quite happy with it so far, though I have come across that "how the hell am I supposed to type on this while lying down?" awkwardness. Still, keyboard is better than expected; I can pretty much touch type on it like I would a normal keyboard (well, semi-touch type, have to glance at the screen every few seconds to check my hands are in the right place. Auto-shift is throwing me out too, keep starting sentences with lower-case letters.


    Really impressed with Wired magazine and Osmos so far. Deciding what apps to buy is proving tricky though, they're not at disposable prices like the iPhone ones :(


    The Apple case, although maybe a bit expensive at £30) is actually pretty good, and will really help with the typing on it.


    I assume you've got iBooks, which is a really nice app, although Kindle prices are far better, so best to get that as well.


    Brushes is a very nice app for finger painting as well. It's fun just to play around with.

  7. I've been using the bumper a bit, it's not too bad. I prefer the look of it without though. I think I'll just use the bumper for times when I'll be going out drinking or any times when I think I may be more likely to drop the phone more etc.

  8. All the cool features were disabled for the 3G so it shouldn't have made it so bad. The main/only upgrades for a 3G were threaded email, folders and a marginally prettier dock; all of which I liked the sound of. Those things shouldn't have affected it so much.


    Exactly. The hardware argument would be valid if the multitasking and wallpapers were there. But they're not, and so the phone should run pretty much the same as it did before. It was a little slow before, but I could understand that, due to the hardware. It shouldn't have gotten worse.

  9. Thought this was quite funny;



    His 3G works one hell of a lot better than mine though. I'd have missed the call at the end, the iPhone doesn't register the press in time. Get the music skipping though, a lot.


    Yeah I lol'd as well at that. My 3G was fairly crap before I upgraded to 4. My girlfriends 3G was crap as well, so we restored hers as 3.1.3. I just don't understand why it's so crap, as there's hardly any features added to it.

  10. Apple trackpads are way way better than anything else though. I honestly find them preferable to a mouse. I don't really see how they wouldn't be useful.


    Totally agree there, Apples trackpads are miles ahead of anything I've ever used. Their mice are a different story though. Never been a fan of those.

    They've updated the trackpads for the Macbooks now so it has the same scrolling as iPhones do.


    These prices are a bit too high though. Mac prices have crept up over the last couple of years. I assume this is all to do with the value of the pound. The Macbook is now £150 more than it was 3-4 years ago.

  11. Do you people genuinely expect a business to come out and tell everyone that their product is flawed?

    Apple have done exactly what any other business would do. They've admitted the issue as much as they could do, without damaging the brand too much, and offered everyone unhappy, either a free case, or a full refund.


    I've had the phone about a month now and it still isn't a problem for me. People just like to jump on this because it's Apple.

  12. Got to say, been using Pulse for a while now and I'm not really feeling it. The thing is, so many of the feeds have no photos and for a lot of them i have to tap a link to read the whole story, in an 'in app' web browser. Sure I could just go to the web page in safari if I had to do that. Plus I'm waiting ages for the feeds to update, and then for the story to load. I think the Engadget app was actually faster than this, so I'm considering moving back.

  13. Lol I think it's just people who hold the phone in a way that covers that black line on the left. But it also has to be in an area that isn't in perfect signal. So if you were standing where I am, your signal would probably drop about as much.

  14. Things is a fantastic to do app, although it is a bit expensive, the same as the excellent Beejive IM. Weather Pro is great if you want a bit more weather info than the Apple Weather app.


    Thanks Daft for the Pulse tip. Really great app! And it works with multi tasking. Getting rid of my Engadget, Tuaw apps now.

    I'm gonna get it for iPad as well.

  15. Not as standard no (probably can by jailbreaking not sure though). Clearly one of the most stupidly overlooked features...


    The only way to do it is on the computer, then syncing - which is shit.


    I think I said ages ago about how ridiculous that was.


    It still utterly amazes me that your Mail to do list on your Mac doesn't sync to the phone. I mean what?! I even remember at a keynote they opened notes and they had 'to do' with a list of things, and I just thought why the hell haven't you just made it part of the app for god sake?


    How just amazingly weird.


    Does everyone charge their phone every night? Is that going to bugger the battery up? My old phone I charged every other night. Although I guess I didn't listen to music on it.


    Edit: Is there a way to sync Facebook profile photos to contacts?!?


    I charge mine every night, and had no problems for the last 2 and a half years. It will stop charging once it gets to 100% so won't do anything to the battery.


    I think there is a way to sync Facebook photos to contacts using the Facebook app, not sure how though but I did do it once upon a time. It's not an automatic thing though.

  16. That's the fault of the N-E server not your iPhone.


    I assumed it was : peace:


    I can't believe how long some apps are taking over updates though. When did iOS 4 get released to developers? April? The new APIs are a few hours work at most and yet very few got it done in time for launch and there's still rather a lot that haven't implemented it (and maybe never will). I guess it's the lack of financial incentive to add new features...


    Absolutely. It takes the piss really that paid nearly £3 for the Guardian app and it still hasn't been updated to take advantage of multitasking. Basically every app I use that got interrupted by texts and phone calls (Sky News, Guardian, Engadget! Giant Bomb) are all still annoying me because they haven't been updated.


    I'm still waiting for Things to be updated to take advantage of local notifications, but at least I know they're working on that one.


    But the one that takes the piss the most is Skype. They were in the sodding keynote for multitasking for god sake.

  17. It's a bit annoying, I would hardly say it's retarded.


    Tell you what is retarded. Posting here on your iPhone and it posting 4 times, and then having to spend ages waiting for your works internet to load so you can delete the extra comments.........

  18. That's....retarded....


    Does anything use it yet?


    It's definitely not retarded. The app pausing and quick app switching works brilliantly and gives the impression of an app running in the background without the battery and CPU consumption.


    The only crap thing is waiting for the apps to be updated.

  19. I've had no problems with my iPhones reception now, after a week of real world use. I am getting the same problem as everyone else, but with a minor adjustment to how I hold the phone, I've had no dropped calls or no dropped data. Can't say it bothers me, even though there is an issue there, no question.