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  1. Kishimoto also paid a tribute to Oda's One Piece in the Chapter 700.


    Yeah I know, just didn't want to post the pic. Just to be on the safe side.


    You should spoiler tag that block btw.


    Oda's tribute in full (was cropped last time):



    Other Mangaka Pay Tribute to Naruto



    I'll stop spamming.

  2. @kav82

    Do you remember that One Piece Film Z colour spread (chapter 691 more than 2 years ago)? Well there's a Marine that actually looks like Cora (then Commander Rosinante) in that spread. I'm thinking that it could be him. By the way, I got this from someone else and just wanted to share it.



    So much great content in that chapter, I must've re-read it like 3 times.


  3. I used to get destroyed when playing as Bowser before (I wasn't good with him though), but now I've actually won quite a few matches with him. Really like how he's been improved. Deservedly so if you ask me.


    By the way, what characters give you the most trouble (I know this mainly depends on who you choose)? For me it's usually Zelda & Ness.

  4. Originally planned on maining Little Mac, but I quickly decided against that simply because everyone and their Duck Hunt Dog is using him. Especially in 'For Glory'. Although most of them weren't that difficult to beat, it's still annoying to run into these super-armor-wearing knuckle-heads.

  5. @Sprout's on another level entirely!


    Still, some of my deaths tonight were insanely funny.


    Twice I was spiked to the ground, bounced back off and right out of the top of the screen. Also Red's falcon punch that sent me flying into the lightning bolt item, shrunk which in turn accelerated my KO.


    Sometimes I was scratching my head as to how we were alive at 200 & 300+ damage levels.