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  1. And then they'll invent some sort of device that you plug into your head and it instantly teaches you how to make a game based on a new controller technology like in the matrix...and then youll wake up and it was all a dream and youll realise that its not that simple.
  2. haha...it says game-sexpo. Thanks for the heads-up, ill look into it.
  3. Ebay rocks, I've bought heaps of cheap good stuff on there with no problems.
  4. QFT. Graphics are important, but when I say graphics I don't mean realism, I mean art style. Twilight princess has a brilliant manga feel to it, wind waker was a beautiful game. Thats what makes the graphics of those games immersive. I think the argument is more about the developers than the wii itself. The wii has enough power to warrant wonderful graphical styles for games, but it appears that some developers haven't bothered to make the game look as pretty as it could. Yes, we all know the wii would be far better if it had ps3 graphics as well as the innovative controls...but for now its either one or the other, and I choose controls.
  5. Theres a sucker born every minute. He'll probably make a good buck from it.
  6. Thats what I thought...but obviously reggie came into the n-e forums and approved the launch of this thread. As for the boxarts, spongebob looks great. A refined and complete design. Its everything it needs to be. Red Steel looks like some random got into photoshop when he didn't have any design skills to begin with. Not very professional at all. incomplete. If thats the real boxart ill eat my hat. And I have one of those jebadiah springfield type hats with the racoon on top. I got it from canada.
  7. Define Original. The game isn't even released yet, so in essence the wii original will be the opposite to the gamecube version. The fact that you say "original" when its not even out yet makes no sense.
  8. Plus just because it has the power of an xbox, there are some things an xbox can do that a wii cant.
  9. Thanks for the vid myster0n. Loved the cheesiness and the bankai bit. lol. Seems like you can go a nice variety of characters
  10. Really? Ive never actually played the missions. I just play it at friends houses and go on destructive rampages. Thats the only reason i play it.
  11. I do! I do! I wanna drive with the nun-chuk and do drive-bys with the wii-mote!
  12. I agree with you there. We've got this revolutionary new console, and a big zelda title (who cares if it was meant for gc its still gonna be the top seller on the wii), some great third party titles, and some more killer games on the way. Didn't nintendo make sure they didn't release too many 1st party killer titles to give the 3rd party companies a chance anyway? I don't want all the huge games released at launch anyway, because it would be too much trouble deciding which ones to get. Just be happy to concentrate on zelda and some great 3rd party games. I don't see why people are complaining.
  13. Yeah that does look heaps better, youre right raven.
  14. The one where shes jumping and ichigo is blocking it...hmm maybe youre right. Damn manga readers better not spoil it :p haha that Zangetsu would be funny to own. I bought the substitute shinigami certificate (the thing ichigo wears on his belt that lets him turn int his shinigami form anytime) off ebay. Its pretty cool...cept it doesn't work
  15. If its region free ill eat my hat and enjoy it too. if its region locked ill break down and cry.
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