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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles Official Thread

    Guys.. I've just finished the game. 130 hours and LV 86. I'm blown away. I've probably played the best game ever made and I'm sad its all over. I enjoyed every moment of the game. I thought the English VA was welldone. It sounded strange at first (having listened to the Japanese VA), but it grew on me and I wouldn't change it anyway. I'm blown away.. the best game for 2011 imo and one of the best games ever made! WOW! The ending blew me away! I REALLY CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER .. What do those that have finished the game think of it?? I REALLY CANT EXPLAIN HOW SAD I AM THAT ITS ALL OVER....
  2. Sin & Punishment: Successor Of The Skies

    Thanks for the reply Captain Falcon... I get what you mean. However, Nintendo did a pretty poor job of advertising. I believe that if Nintendo pushed this game via ads in store, TV, Newspapers etc.. it would have been a sleeper hit imo. On the topic of sales, I tried looking up any information for sales figures. I looked up VGCharts but I believe that they hold sales info for the first 10 weeks. I reckon SP2 would be reaching the 1 million milestone (that's if its not surpassed it?). Additionally, the 'SP2 team' is far smaller than team's for well known franchises so I'd hazard a guess and suggest that they must have made a healthy profit (in comparison to the amount invested into producing and publishing the game)?
  3. Sin & Punishment: Successor Of The Skies

    Hi Guys!! (my first post!) - to finally see a dedicated and active Sin and Punishment thread is a joy (Im a Sin and Punishment fanatic!) I've managed about 35 hours of gameplay and I love SP2 to bits. Do you think we'll ever see a sequel aka Sin and Punishment 3?