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  1. Revolution jokes, parodies and gifs.

    The Dukenukem Revolution doesn't look like a bad idea; throw a grenade with the controller and detonate it with a click of the control stick. I like the Reggie one.
  2. more rev info coming?

    I'm waiting for news on the release date, but awsome information nonetheless.
  3. Penny Arcade Revolution Comic

    I love the Revolution controller, but those are funny.
  4. Your Revolution Thoughts

    1.When do you think the Revolution will be released? Japan: September '06, USA: October'06, Europe: December '06. 2.How much do you think the Revolution will cost? $199.99 [£166.15] to $249.99 [£207.69] 3.What will be included with the Revolution? Revolution System, 1 controller+ Analog Stick, Revolution Stand, and the basic system cords. 4.How much will the controller cost? $24.99 [£20.76] to $34.99 [£29.06] 5.What will you get in a controller package? The controller and a different peripheral 6.What colours do you expect at the launch? Silver 7.What colour do you want? Lime Green, White, or Black 8.What game are you looking forward to the most? Super Smash Bros.
  5. Next Gen Mario Art

    The first picture is weird, but in a good sort of way. Very different indeed.