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  1. Do a barrel roll!

    (ho ho ho- had to be said)


    Eat before drinking. Water before bed, bit of food goes down smooth too. In the morning, water coffee/coke, exercise, fruit, paracetamol, protein, a wank, a shower, cleaning the house are all good. Although if you have a proper hangover, the only cure is tea, toast and bed.

    Also: all you crazy kids without hangovers, your time will come, trust me.

  2. I don't often post on here and when I do it is seldom simply to bash other people.However...

    After thinking over a well-constructed post explaining my personal preferences as regards music buying (i.e. I spend a fair amount of money on music in real-life shops, but my legit collection is outweighed by my non-legit mp3's), I realise that this will not change anyone's opinion so there really is no point. The next comment follows not as a call for change, more as a personal sigh, to let off a bit of tension:


    Zeldafreak you are a fucking idiot.

  3. It's all about Molly Walker now.

    * why isn't the Haitian in New York stopping the exploding man?

    * why hasn't Johnny Haitian stopped the President's powers from working?

    * is there only one timeline? is it impossible to change the past? arghhhhhhhhh...



  4. It's hardly p.c.r, Lazarus was resurrected in the Adventures of Jesus, this guy's de-ageing himself.


    Adventures of Jesus. Awesome. I had a coupla Jehova's witnesses 'round on Saturday. I told them they weren't my dad.




    David Tennant is a bloody good actor, even if Dr. Who is just mediocre, no-brains telly.

  5. Surely people take the piss a little more over sucking cock than wearing a bra.

    One time in school, a bunch of kids printed out a load of posters of me from the internet and spread them around school. I just ignored it for the most part but made sure they knew I was taking it in good humour.

    The thing is, I'm a teacher.


    Anyway, my advice is drop it now. There's no point in wasting your time over this guy. The best revenge is not caring. I speak from experience (and not from my teaching days, either).

  6. Two mathematicians were having dinner in a restaurant, arguing about the average mathematical knowledge of the American public. One mathematician claimed that this average was woefully inadequate, the other maintained that it was surprisingly high.

    "I'll tell you what," said the cynic. "Ask that waitress a simple math question. If she gets it right, I'll pick up dinner. If not, you do."

    He then excused himself to visit the men's room, and the other called the waitress over.

    "When my friend returns," he told her, "I'm going to ask you a question, and I want you to respond 'one third x cubed.' There's twenty bucks in it for you." She agreed.

    The cynic returned from the bathroom and called the waitress over. "The food was wonderful, thank you," the mathematician started. "Incidentally, do you know what the integral of x squared is?"

    The waitress looked pensive, almost pained. She looked around the room, at her feet, made gurgling noises, and finally said, "Um, one third x cubed?"

    So the cynic paid the check. The waitress wheeled around, walked a few paces away, looked back at the two men, and muttered under her breath, "...plus a constant."


    (robbed straight off google)

  7. I could dig out the national curriculum to answer this with 100% accuracy, but as far as I know the teaching of 'BODMAS' is not mandatory, you just need to know how to do calculations in the right order. BODMAS is the easiest to teach, but not necessarily the best. Depending on the kids, I'll usually teach BODMAS in year 7 to get them used to there being an accepted order of operations (even though we usually won't have looked at Indicies/Order/Of yet) I find it better to get kids to see each addition/subtraction as something which seperates terms, each bracket as a 'bubble' containing an answer (makes it easier when they are asked to expand things like 3(x+2) later on and they can't 'do the brackets first'), multplications as single terms (so that 3x3 is a single entity, 9, which makes algebra easier later on) etc.


    Depending on the pupils (and it really does depend on them) I would think I have covered 'BODMAS' in enough depth if they can answer 3x4-7+8÷2^2=? and 15÷ (2+1) -3 =? correctly.

  8. I liked the history/hooverville bits of saturday's epsode. It was OK. Some of the acting (tallulah) was shite. They really need to get better sci-fi writers in, don't they. The end bit was shockingly bad. And the pig-men? do they not have a special effects budget? "Just nip down the butchers for me, Russel". Wankery!

  9. Bodmas, Bidmas and Pemdas are exactly the same thing. They are a way of remembering an order of operations, and they aren't perfect. I've come across this point in my maths lessons (I'm a maths teacher) and we ended up discussing the idea of conventions in maths and the fact that each object was seperate (i.e. you would add the 200 before subtracting). Can be an interesting discussion can lead to me going nuts and just getting pupils to think of add/subtract as the same, multiply/didvide as the same and getting them to rearrange positives on the left, negatives on the right. It all depends whether I'm teaching for understanding or to pass exams to be honest.

    And well spotted rummy.

    0^0 is undefined, no? because it's equivalent to 0^1/0^1 ?

    Subtraction is not addition, they are different. Strongly related but definately different (one is commutative and one isn't, for starters).

  10. Does Life On Mars count as sci-fi? Probably not.

    I can enjoy Dr. Who (Nu-Who), but I recognise that I enjoy it like I would enjoy a big bag of chocolate buttons: it's a vacuous, vacant experience that leaves me feeling a bit dirty afterwards.

    I never really was into the old-skool who but I've got friends who were and I think that if I was a fan, I would really hate the new series. It's a bit like Red Dwarf series 1-6 and then the dirge that is the latter series. And torchwood was pretty wank too.

    Rokhed, you're right, especially with torchwood, it feels like someone has said "what's missing in sci-fi? Shagging, lots of shagging" and then rammed it in (no pun intended) wherever they can. It feels like people with little respect for sci-fi, writing sci-fi. However, Let it Be has just come on the old music player and that'll stop anyone ranting. Riot police should be issued with it. Adios.

  11. Write down your current Wii's MAC address (on one of the sides) then see if the replacement is the same. The Wii number, memos and everything though is switched over in the replacement process, that's why it's the same.


    No, it's not. I got a totally different wii, and a totally different wii number, when I had mine replaced. I kept the same account with the shop channel (same wii points and titles downloaded) but the unit was brand-new, my friend code was brand-new and I had to reindstall everything (intenet channel, VC games etc)

  12. Rose is my granny's name. Martha was my great-grandma's name. Fact.

    I quite enjoyed it tonight. It's light entertainment and it's fun sci-fi. It could be better and there's an awful lot of wankery in it.

  13. I'm applying at Nottingham, Imperial, Manchester, then either Kings or UCL. Seriously, we're way too similar.


    Have you started doing work experience?


    I went to Imperial, Manchester and Nottingham universities. How odd. Let me know if I can help you at all!