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  1. Ben Folds (Five)

    I'm a casual Ben Folds fan. I'd live to go and see him though, that would be cool.
  2. Official Neighbours Topic

    Sure it wasn't RobRob?
  3. Party at mine. With mini sausage rolls and shit. Oh yeah.
  4. Wii On Bebo!

    There was a young man from Limerick...
  5. Heroes - The Beginning [Spoilers]

    There is an episode next week http://www.nbc.com/Schedule/ there's an Xmas break coming up though.
  6. First UK Wii ad

    what could this be? This is wee (I know it was obvious)
  7. European Wii Preorders

    Good old fox news. 'Fair and Balanced'... Woolies was the choice of champions for me, I've got a mate who works in a local woolies, he got me 20% discount and is on instruction to 'hide' my wii from the other sales staff. Magic.
  8. Official Neighbours Topic

    Double agreed. She also has to be evil, she has her own theme music
  9. Do my Penguin for me

    As mentioned earlier, (Cheers for the shout out, supergrunch!) Maths is my game. I'm a maths teacher so anything up to A-level and I'm sorted. I do have a maths degree too...
  10. Saddam sentenced to death!

    A firing squad was denied because Saddam was tried as a civilian and that's the way civilian death penalties are carried out in Baghdad. He requested firing squad as that would be the method of execution for the leader of the armed forces. The judge pointed out that he was no longer leader of the armed forces. You can't kill a man more than once, so one death is all you can get for the thousands he massacred. The death sentence is wrong, he should have been tried in an international court. The death sentence is wrong.
  11. BBC Electric Proms

    The advert with the girl humming makes my skin crawl.
  12. Heroes - The Beginning [Spoilers]

    Matt, the psychic cop, is my current fave. I used to like Peter Petrelli, but he's SUCH a wet lettuce that I've already had enough of him. Nathan, despite being a bit of a wanker, is a cool charcter. I'm pretty fond of claire too, as well as being very purtee, she is nice and likeable. And word up to the smack-head.
  13. Heroes - The Beginning [Spoilers]

    yeah, this show is awesome. I'm totally addicted.
  14. Should the veil be banned?

    They fucked up- didn't follow procedure. Also, veil talk should be banned. According to The Guardian, she won- http://www.guardian.co.uk/religion/Story/0,,1926667,00.html?=rss Liberal Berks.
  15. Soundtracks to games on the disc..

    Loads of odl-skool PC games do. It was becausew they play the in-game soundtrack FROM the CD.
  16. Official Neighbours Topic

    BASTARDS I was at an open evening for parents. THe bastards robbed me of neighbours. Bollocks to it. No lesson plans are being written for tomorrow.
  17. GameStations Mysterious Floor!

    should work. My DS is a US model (got it from VIP scheme) Actually, it isn't. Just checked. The first 2 they sent me with dead pixels were though, and I could download just fine. But that was from my download station I made myself out of my PC for the E3 demos. Sorry, nothing helpful whatsoever in this post! My instinct says that it should work
  18. I'm hoping to duplicate my gamecube experience as closely as possible. I went to Chester, persuaded my mate to buy one too, a load of us went round to mine and we set one of them up, pissed about and played multiplayer for a bit. But I didn't buy it at launch, I got it in the summer. I will be working on the 8th December, which is a bit rubbish. Can't really just take the day off either.
  19. Your idea of what the home button does

    It's a decoy. It doesn't do shit, except administer a small injection of heroin into your finger. not enough for you to notice, but enough so you do it again.
  20. Cutest baby

    Couln't gfind a better picture, sorry!
  21. Dude, where can i get a copy of 'Cant help falling in love with you' in Chinese from?
  22. 7 Sega VC Games Confirmed!

    That list is fucking great.
  23. Religion

    That gives us the odds (not sure how they were calculated or how accurate they are...) but it doesn't tell us how the game has been played. To say something is statistically impossible is almost always nonsense (and if you follow quantum theory- always nonsense). The 'building blocks' of life are attracted to each other, so the tornado analogy breaks down there. I didn't like that argument when it was presented to me in school (good ole Catholic education) , basically, "the exixtence of a watch in a desert (or dessert, one supposes) implies the existence of a watchmaker" not in an infinite desert made of watch components. raaa. And I'm not an atheist either, I think religion/spirituality falls apart when it tries to do science and vice versa, mostly.