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  1. Just got an email from Nintendo UK regarding the 3DS shipping delays.


    Dear Aaron,


    Thank you for your email regarding winning the Nintendo 3DS competition. First of all we would like to Congratulate you on winning this competition. In regards to the dispatch of your console. We have been informed that the console delivery has been delayed due to the exclusivity of these consoles.


    These consoles are being dispatched from Japan in batches. We can confirm you will receive confirmation via your Club Nintendo email address.


    If you do not receive this confirmation by 20/06/2012. Please contact the Official Nintendo Customer support line 0845 60 50 247, where one of the agents will be able to assist you further.


    We hope this helps answer your query.


    Thank you for your email.




    Kind regards,


    Nintendo UK



    Just thought that I should let you know. ;)