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  1. Dragon Quest VIII - 3DS

    http://www.dragonquest.jp/dq8/ Are you ready to wait eternally for a localisation, gaijin?! Curiously it says it's for the "Nintendo 3DS series", which would indicate it's not a New 3DS exclusive.
  2. Pokemon Black & White 2

  3. Nintendo (re)Direct(ed) (13/09 11pm UK)

    Finally! I went to bed last Wednesday night hyped as fuck, hoping for dem goodies (crossing my fingers that MAYBE, just MAYBE they'll port Xenoblade Chronicles X to switch). Then get woke up at 3pm by a monster earthquake followed by the creepiest blackout I've ever seen with my own eyes. Company in panic "EVERY BODY ALIVE?" mode, managed to fill up a bottle with water before that cut off too, run to find emergency food rations as soon as I could.. And get home to find the Direct delayed. Obviously what some people were saying online was completely unacceptable and lacking of any empathy, but I did find it extremely funny to find everyone berate these people and I'm sitting there on my phone hooked up to my dying portable charger in the affected area wishing they hadn't delayed it either heh. I'll do my best to come here and chat alongside every one during the Direct as it's been a while, hope you're all good peeps!
  4. Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

    Hey guys, long time no see. I hope you're all well! Just dropping in to say, that was disappointing. They couldn't even keep to their own "games to be released in 2018" tweet. Ridley announcement was ace though. Laughed like a mother fucker
  5. General Switch Discussion

    Got a Switch just over a month ago, it's a fucking nightmare getting one in this country. A couple failures at the now infamous lottery draws to buy one at the big department stores, missing out on a cheap used one by 5 fucking minutes because I was being a nice boyfriend winning my girlfriend a prize from a UFO machine, missing out on Yodobashi getting a fuck load in just before my lunch break at work and not realising half way into my lunch, making it too late to bail for one and get back in time for my class. Then I found an absolute mint used one for 1000 yen less (about £7) than the RRP at a Geo and grabbed it immediately, despite finding it kind of suspicious. Absolutely no problem with the thing, and I've played with it for a ludicrous amount of time since then. Only done TV play for parties here when we get MK8 on the go. Fucking lovely little console. Oh, and I'm still alive. I'll get back on here more often.
  6. Job woes/wins

    Optimism didn't fail me for once. Find out around Monday my ass, they contacted me the next day saying they wanted me and wanted me to confirm my intention as to whether I want to work with them. So my half victory has now turned to roughly 95%. Previous offer: Basically in Tokyo The pay would be insufficient for the area Had to pay for my own training Wanted to make me a self proprietor so they had next to no responsibility. No insurance offered at all. Job offer I just accepted: On the island I'm already on. Pay far better (by around £370 extra a month) despite not being in a high income area. One month training that I'm paid for. Health and employee insurance and all that jazz No self proprietor bull shit, wants me as an actual employee. Going far north to bumfuck nowhere Asahikawa to sign my contract, receive my schedule, my flight tickets and hotel information in Tokyo as I need to start training on the 5th of June. I think that's where they're going to stick me as a teacher too, but there's still a chance I'll be in Sapporo. If I move it isn't a big deal, Sapporo's only 2 hours away so I can come every weekend. So yeah, feeling good. 4 job offers since last Wednesday, only two can give me that visa so half were no good, but what a boost to my confidence. Funny considering I said to Guy and Rinha just before they left Sapporo last Wednesday morning "I've got a funny feeling this isn't going to work out and I'll have to go home temporarily". I'm ecstatic. Folks at home are proud. Exceeded certain family members expectations by a huge margin. Girlfriend is thrilled that I'm not moving far away. The only people not too thrilled are the staff at the part time job I have. I appreciate the notice period isn't great, but if you think I'm going to turn down this job you've got another thing coming!
  7. Job woes/wins

    Since last Wednesday, it has become official that I'm not going back to England. Succeeded in my goal of getting visa sponsorship. The problem? The company sucks and the location is really not my cup of tea. So, I started chasing up a company that had previously showed interest but had been slow to arrange anything that I now have a firm offer from elsewhere and if they're still interested, let's get the ball rolling. Just had my second stage interview with them today and that too went pretty damn well. Find out around Monday at the latest if I'm successful, and then I'll be off for training in Tokyo for a month. Even better, I'll get to remain in the area I want to be in. I have trouble maintaining optimism, but got a good feeling about this. It would be super fucking hype.
  8. The Attack on Titan manga is getting fucking mental. You could easily post anything from the last 3 chapters any where and nobody would ever imagine it's the same bloody series.
  9. Switch flaws... Problem or not?

    Don't own one, but the ones I hear most about is the dock and left joycon. The problem is, we're not going to have an accurate gauge on just how widespread this issue is for a while because only the people who have these issues are going to be shouting about it on the internet, social networks etc. There are still hundreds of thousands of people that we're clearly not hearing from about it. But those first two issues are the ones I'll be keeping my eye on before putting down cash to buy one. I was hoping maybe I could get one by the time MK8DX is out but even if I can I'll be waiting to see how things are. The thing I'm still thoroughly confused about is why on earth they were charging so much for that fucking dock? And why isn't something that's going to house a very expensive hardware unit not up to the usual Nintendo standard? We can all agree that pretty much every Nintendo product to date has been miles ahead in physical build quality than most of their competitors, yet that dock looks like a flimsy fucking joke.
  10. General Switch Discussion

    Nintendo bottlenecked themselves. 80k is a good launch, but the thing is sold out everywhere which would imply there would have been more stock sold had the availability been better. So you can't really wish the uptake was better, because it would have been physically impossible and Nintendo themselves are to blame
  11. General Switch Discussion

    Oh awesome, thanks for the technical rundown! I don't really have any expertise to offer on the subject except remind people you can't patch hardware, only software. Do you think that the internal placement of the chip inside the left joy con plays a decent role in this though? Or is your money on the right joy con, being the most tech heavy (having both the IR camera and NFC reader), having a more prioritized data stream?
  12. General Switch Discussion

    Hey sorry mate, I'm rarely lurking here and given the fast pace of the thread and the fact I'm in a different time zone means there are things I miss. But yes, I have seen your posts about it, I was also posting at the time. Really sorry bud, not intentionally ignoring you. But as we've said, you can't boost a signal if it's already operating normally. It's still possible that there is a power save on it and they could flick that off and things would get better. But if not, it's as useless as saying Microsoft could have patched the RROD issues. Doesn't work, it's bad design of the internal hardware.
  13. General Switch Discussion

    I like how they don't mention phone, as in the wireless device that is the most prominent piece of technology that we all have around us and that we're going to need to use to be able talk to our friends when the mobile companion app is released. Nintendo, admit you fucked up with the design. "Hurr durr don't use it near other wireless devices, they interfere!" "But don't we need our smart phones to use voice chat on our games?" DID THEY NOT THINK THIS RESPONSE THROUGH. EDIT: My bad, they do actually mention cellphones in their press release. Not that it makes it any less retarded. I assume that, by issuing this, there is fuck all they can do to fix it via firmware upgrades. The next batch of joy cons manufactured will most definitely have the chip placed in the same way as the right joy con.
  14. General Switch Discussion

    We've talked about this before so I'll repeat: We do not know if they are able to boost the signal. If the signal is already broadcasting at the maximum, you won't be able to increase it. If the chip is broadcasting in a power saving mode, then you could disable that to make the signal stronger at the expense of some battery life.
  15. General Switch Discussion

    It is possible say, for example, they aren't broadcasting at maximum strength to save battery life. We have no idea really. The thing we do know is that the internal design is to blame rather than any defective parts.
  16. General Switch Discussion

    Image posted in Gaf from Imgur showing the different placement internally.
  17. General Switch Discussion

    Had a 2 hour gap between jobs today and went to have a gander at all the big electronics and game stores around the central part of the city. Everywhere is flat out of stock, no estimate for when they're expecting their next delivery so a lot of people gathering around the big promotional kiosks looking gutted. EDIT: REGARDING LEFT JOY CON Some one has opened up the Joy Cons and found that the left joy con's antenna is placed differently than the right joy con. The right has the antenna at the tip of the controller, the left has it directly in the center making it more susceptible to connectivity issues. Basically, unless there is a power saving mode enabled on the chip, this is not patch-able and is a design flaw.
  18. Job woes/wins

    Good to hear everything's going well Will! It was a shame I couldn't meet you in Tokyo, but if you're ever back for a holiday and come near Hokkaido, give me a shout mate. As for me, job situation going good. Being a part time warrior has been rough, some weeks would leave me only £20 after putting aside rent money so I've been focussing on getting new work lined and new customers coming in and now I'm stable so even bad weeks aren't too tight. Biggest news is, I've been invited to an interview next week which, if I do well and get offered the job, will change my visa and allow me to stay here longer. They were initially asking why I'm applying with my current visa as they can't hire people on it and I explained that yes, although that is the case, their listing stated they had sponsorship available and if they do choose to hire me, I already meet the criteria to receive one and can change my residency with their assistance. So after a few days of silence and assuming it's a no go, they are keen to get me in. Fuck I hope I don't screw it up, getting it changed half a year in would save me immense worry,
  19. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Left Joycon issue reported to still persist after the recently issued patch. Tomorrow is going to be a huge test to see just how prevalent this issue is. Could be a small number, could be a flaw in the design, good thing the hybrid nature of the console means you don't have to recall the entire unit if the issue is the latter. EDIT: Some people are reporting that it's been somewhat improved so looks like this is still up in the air!
  20. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Someone put their hand over the control panel and the driver can no longer precisely control the train so please expect delays
  21. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Conversely, going straight for blind defence in the face of facts could be viewed the same way. Given how this technology works and previous incidents in the past, there is a high chance this might not be easy to fix. Many people are referencing the iPhone 4 situation where, given the design of the antenna in the phone, made the antenna prone to be bridged by people's hand placement on the device causing drop outs. I doubt it's anything that severe as Gamexplain demonstrated it's mostly blocking the direct path of the control to the console that is the problem, but just like the iPhone 4 it can not be patched and requires another kind of fix. I think this is the most likely culprit. The public events would not have been sufficient to exhibit these issues on the retail ready units as no one really separated themselves too far from the consoles, or were in any kind of scenario like the ones shown in YouTube videos so it's unfortunate yet inevitable this kind of issue wouldn't be discovered until now.
  22. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    And what if the Bluetooth chip inside of these controllers are already broadcasting at maximum strength? Please stop pretending to know things you don't. Nobody knows, but the concern is warranted as it's very much in the realm of possibility that this is unpatchable. If they can fix it that's awesome, but expect a reduced battery life
  23. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    This is why we really need to wait until they say something/issue their day one patch. If it's a hardware limitation you can't patch that. My guess is there's something in the firmware that's getting it to broadcast a weak signal to conserve battery and they can tweak that. If not, well, maybe the NES classic had such short leads to get us prepared for not sitting very far from the console heh
  24. 30-Year-Old Londoner For Sale

    I would ask how much but Ash always had an expensive air to him.. Happy birthday you fabulous bastard
  25. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Isn't that pretty much what the Switch is to most people at launch? That's pretty much how I see it and why I wont be picking it up until later on this year.