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  1. Where are you? I miss your face (and I need to expand about frinday night!) xxx

  2. Lol. Bunch of bastards. xxx


  4. Molly

    Howcome you didn't go inter railing? Did I miss something, are you ok? x

  5. ELAS? lol. I still can't remember who that was, but elas people are a blur to me.

  6. lol, I really can't remember who you're talking about!

  7. Lol, no. The top left hand side of it is the flag of the southern states used during the civil war etc, it's been used as a white supremist symbol apparently.

  8. lol, what did she do?

  9. Heya, No to all of those. We've got Anchorman on doovd and I haven't taken any Inv's home. I'll check at work tomorrow, but I don't remember having any...xxx

  10. You finally got it, yay! Haha, don't worry about the copy; one day I'll buy at least 1 comic of my own :heh:

  11. See HWYD. xxx

  12. Really? For me its ''cyclists on the road''. Have I...gone mad? Link me, please!

  13. where is the Wimbledon thread?

  14. Ha, I chose last time, up to you. I'm easy like a Sunday morning xxx

  15. Oh don't worry about that! We just did the idle fake chit chat small talk that is forced upon us all with people like her, lol. xxx

  16. Lol, yes but I'm rubbish at remembering (sorry). I thought you must be away but didn't realise Butlins was this weekend! How was it?!!! I'm good, but really tired and stupidly busy cos there's about 3 people in, hehe. xxx

  17. Have you been on holiday, where are you?? talk to meeeeeeee xxx

  18. Molly

    Haha, I haven't finished season 4 yet; buying the final season was perhaps a bit hasty, but I needed it.


    Can't believe you've finished. I'm sure you feel bereaved, I think I will.

  19. Are you...here? lol You may have some emails on Monday morning. xxx

  20. Molly

    I love your sig/av combination.

  21. Lol! You deleted it. Slacker. I concur btw.

  22. 4 8 15 16 23 42

  23. Lol, will do. With the monies I also got him a sleep sheet for travelling, it's black, silky and quite homosexual tbh. He'll love it. I also can't find his Bannatyne book so I've replaced it with a Donald Trump one. SC is making him a card apparently.