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  1. Thank god for nintendo

    is anyone else hoping the next Zelda will be set in first-person now? Imagine using the controller like a sword to attack and parry, instaed of just mashing buttons to kill enemies. that would be sweeeeeeetttt.
  2. Will Nintendo Beat Microsoft this time round?

    if Nintendo came third, it was a very, VERY close third, and all parties stand to make a huge amount of cash. I don't think this console generation is going to pass by with anyone claiming that they beat the competition convicingly. I think we'll just have to wait and see what happens - this new controller alone appears turning the whole industry on it's head.
  3. Initially I was like WTF? Then i was like OMFG. Then I got it, and started wetting myself with excitment. And then my head exploded. All within the length of time the video took to play. Oh, yes indeed.
  4. What are they going to do in WalMarts and whatnot.

    It'll most likely be attached to some kind of shock-proof harness, to avoid it being stolen. i don't think they need to worry about it getting broken, most of Nintendos periphals are pretty hardy.
  5. Tradional Revolution Controller !!!

    Actually this isn't a bad idea. Games that use this old control method aren't going to be a exciting as the new one, but there will be games and possibly even genres where you can't really use the Nunchuckus. This should help avoid scaring off third-party support. Besides, remember Nintendo are going to let you download retro games - I doubt they'll be optimised for the new controller.
  6. The Next Threat

    Because it looked like total ass at E3? :no:
  7. Surely hardcore gamers would be the sort of people most likely to be put off by this kind of thing? The whole point is to attract people who don't normally play games afater all.
  8. Jesus...not a lot of great feedback on this

    The first thing I watched was Iwatas speech. When they finally revealed it I was like "WTF???" I was slightly confused - after all the rumours, I was ready for almost anything but not a DVD remote that doubled as a pair of nunchucks (i mean seriously, who saw THAT coming). But as the video played and I got an idea about what you could use it for, I got really excited. My favourite idea is using it as a sword. Imagine an online (possibly first-person) sword fighting game (say, a Soul Calibre Revolution), where you have to parry and attack your opponent. Uber cool, simple to pick up, no fiddly button combos to master, but ultimately the most skillful player will be the one who wins. I've been buzzing about stuff like this ever since! That controller is GENIUS! :bow: :bow: :bow:
  9. I don't think anyone actually HATES nintendo. Why Nintendo isn't a no. 1 seller now is a bit of a mystery to me. But it is clear that this controller has got everyone really excited. Whooo! Go nintendo - they haven't let me down.
  10. What will Microsoft and Sony say?

    Yeah, I agree. but by how much remains to be seen. I don't think though, that this is going to tempt any Xbox or Sony fanboys from buying an Xbox or PS3. I think two things will happen - a) People who wouldn't normally play games, start with Revolution (a la' DS) b) For some others, it will become their "second console", snuggled stylishly next to some polygon producing monster in their living room. I think what market share Nintendo has in 5 years time will indicate exactly how much the industry has actually expanded. If they come out with a smaller share, the industry is probably, actually, f&$%ed. And boring. I'm sick of shooting and racing based tech-demos! And FF7 spinoffs! Arrrrgh! Shouldn't a company like Square Enix be trying to do something new? Bah!
  11. Now that we all know about the Revo controller, the gameplay possiblities are threatening to make my head explode. In the video I noticed on weielding it like a sword. That would be AWESOME. Imagine a game - a first person adventure game say, like Morrowind - and you had to go around a big Zelda like universe laying the smackdown on your foes with your own actual parry skills. Hey, maybe thats what Iwata meant when he said that "TP will be the last Zelda game as we know it". Anyway, what sort of game do you think the new controller could be used for? Post them here! Now looking forward to - Wario Ware Revolution
  12. Is anyone else daydreaming about "Time Crisis Revolution", right about now? :yes: :yes:
  13. Rev controller protected?

    Nintendo have probably got this surrounded in enough copyright protetcion to build a life-size paper mache' version of the Tiatanic, but I reckon Sony and Microsoft will find ways to copy some of it. As odd as it is, the Revolution controller has some undisputably brilliant ideas going for it. The pointing system is obviously great, and the port for additional pieces of controller hardware is quite exciting. Game developers could theoretically build their own control systems. I refuse to believe Nintendo's rivals aren't at least going to want to get a sniff of the action. Looks pretty damn sexy too, much better then Sony's early iteration of the PS3 controller. Blurgh.