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  1. Wii Remote Jacket

    Just an update! I've got a reply from Concentra, asking for my serial number and address. They say there are collecting orders and should ship up to November ... Just so u know...: peace:
  2. Wii Remote Jacket

    What am i, an illegitimate child ? How come Portugal isnt here? Should we ask Concentra ? I payed for the console, i should get the same treatment... damn...
  3. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    Wow, im thrilled too! I've always wondered if a game like this would work in reality, because in my mind im always waving the remote like a saber! No game has , to my knowledge, been able to reproduce it like a more real movement. Hope this is the one. I'll even forgive the lame graphics if i can feel a real lightsaber in my hands Im such a geek! lol
  4. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Sorry if this was already answered but i cant see it! Is there a planned release for the demo channel for MP3 ? I know, i know, its only some videos but im curious about the marketing plan for Europe. They could 've made available the demo at the same for Europe since , as of now, almost everybody has already seen it online. Still, i wonder... will i see my wii blueshine ? When? Regards,
  5. Parents against the Wii Zapper

    Since this is a European forum, allow me to be a little usa-critic ... rant on Why do American parents and the public, in general, give so much attention to the violence in the games, but ignore the weapons and drugs on the streets ? AFAIK, you can enter a store in any city and just buy a gun if you'r old enough or have a good fake id. Is it really the gaming industry's fault? I for one enjoy a mature title, now and then, and feel that my rights are being trampled when i hear of banning mature games. Should it not be the parent's right and duty to watch over what our children are playing ? They dont do their duty? Is it really our fault ? Should we be punished for that ? I find it so unfair... oh well, rant off.... anyway, i'll buy the zapper if it arrives our stores. It seems like a lot of fun!
  6. N-Europe Q&A - Medaverse Studios

    Hmm, i really dont know anything like "what's the game about ?" i've googled it but found very little. any specifics or screen shots? Thx!
  7. Lol :awesome: Do you know my wife ? I'll wrap it with the excuse that we need an HDTV since our current TV is outdated. And of course, the winner is: now she can see her soap operas while i play on the wii. Otherwise, we're stuck with each other, since we have only 1 tv (which would be more than enough if she just would play... but she doesnt ). i love her though - my wife, not the tv! lol Anyway, any suggestions on the screen size and/or experiences with the game? Im a Marvel fan and im enjoying the game but i feel the screen size is really hampering my enjoyment since i keep looking around for my hero...
  8. Im returning to Ultimate Alliance to finish the game. Have just finished the Atlantis mission. Im having difficulty finding my characters among several enemies because of my TV screen size. Its 26". So am thinking this is the perfect excuse to buy a new one, but i dont want to overshoot my budget nor the perfect balance. Im under the impression that a huge screen wont benefit Wii because of the sensor and the grafics. So am aiming at 32". Is it enough? What are your oppinions ? What screen size do you play Marvel Ultimate at ?